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How many women out there who have been hurt because of the bad boys? The good guys who are expected to come to their rescue are too scared to attract and seduce the damsels in distress. Their hesitation could mean life and death to the girl. The art of seduction is pleasing however it is only mastered by a few. Consequently, those who have mastered the art of picking women would abuse such a gift. The ladies are forced to stay in an abusive relationship with a bad boy because she does not know anyone better. I would like to give the nice guys a fighting chance with romance. In addition to that, the douche bags will be kept in check knowing that they have a competition. Help me disseminate this useful self-help information to the world by making a pledge. One girl is saved from misery for every nice guy who is corrected. The woman you saved could be your own sister or friend. By the way, I am in favor of the feminist movement.

What We Do:
Teaches men how to attract and seduce women in order to help you in your quest to find a girlfriend through playful flirting and deep sensual connection. This playlist is a collection of dating guides that will teach you how to flirt with the woman that you like so that she will get excited sensually. As you inform yourself with the art of attracting and seducing women, you will learn how to overcome your approach anxiety. When you arm yourself with these easy to learn dating concepts, dating beautiful women will be fun as it should be.

What You Can Do:
You can support us by donating for our cause.

What Your Donation Can Do:
Your act of charity will come a long way. Here are the specifics:
1. Increase our audience reach.
2. Allow us to create more useful self-help videos.
3. Ensures the continuity of our operations.
4. Facilitates my research for better content.



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