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INTERNATIONAL WATERS is a non-profit federally incorporated company, incorporated in 2015. But we have been working on technology, clean energy and other good things for decades. We plan on applying for charity status after we find some other appropriate alliances to come on board. Until then, we are unable to provide tax receipts for any donations. However, any contributions will be going to a good cause. At INTERNATIONAL WATERS, we believe anything and everything can be self-powered via clean energy. We also believe what goes up, doesn’t need to come down. We believe we can make air/hover/floating cars, craft, buildings, ships and spacecraft that don’t require a rocket or continual power or thrust to stay above ground indefinitely. Rockets and fossil fuels are primitive technologies. By using principles of buoyancy instead of thrust and exploring other concepts, such as polarity, etc - we believe we can make self-powered clean energy air/space cars, and ships of various size which can stay aloft indefinitely without requiring landing or refueling. Imagine commuting in flying cars that never need roads or bridges what get congested and need repairs while damaging the environment and endangering animals. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads... or bridges. There will be no collisions or resulting injuries, because floating/flying craft/ships will pass at different altitudes instead of intersecting along roads on the ground. No pedestrians, cyclists or ground animals should get run over. Parking will be much more efficient because floating cars can be parked in a vertical stack. Through our research and development, we have studied a variety of technologies as well as coming up with some ideas that seem to be unique. Over the last 15 years of we have filed a number of patent applications. We have made contact with several companies who would be appropriate alliances, including one that makes vertical takeoff cargo aircraft, and we are hoping to establish a joint venture to developing self-powered clean energy floating air/space craft/ships of various sizes. Imagine travelling and/or living on/in a floating/flying air/space ship. You could fly and lands anywhere; on a beach, on a mountain top or just float on the breeze or in one place. You could rise above the clouds on a rainy day if you wished and have the sunny top of the clouds at your doorstep. Or, you could hover above the ocean or a float past a forest. We should be able to develop ships that can go below the ocean’s surface as well as fly above. We can and will make living on board air/space ships safe, with smart interactive self driving and driver assisted ships to avoid and prevent collisions and running a ground, etc. While there has been progress in driverless cars, we see automobiles commonly passing at much closer distances at much greater speeds than air/space crafts/ships ever need or should, and this will be to our advantage. As we are working on also developing smart clean energy boats/marine vessels, this smart system for boats will be transferable to smart air/space craft systems. These clean energy air/space craft/ships can be scalable from auto/car/bus/truck sized for commuting and travel, up to live-aboard ships of various sizes from cabin cruisers for single persons, to yacht sized ships for families and groups, and cruise ships for community living opportunities - without any bills for fuel, electricity, heat, food, water or other things that should be affordable or free. With these principles and a greater understanding of the universe, we can develop spacecraft that can enable travel to other planets far easier and safer than what we were taught to believe possible. People will be able to buy shares and/or licenses that may grant them possession and/or accommodations on these clean energy ships, according to their needs and preferences. In order to be ethical and provide a safe; cruelty and violence free environment, INTERNATIONAL WATERS is vegan and everyone on board will need to be vegan as well. This will require avoiding all products that cause harm to other beings. While vegan ethics, diet and lifestyle may not be agreeable for everyone, not everyone will be appropriate to come on board INTERNATIONAL WATERS crafts and ships. In the world there are billions of people and a growing percentage of the population are adopting the vegan lifestyle for ethical and other good reasons. In order to sustain an organic vegan lifestyle, live-aboard ships can and will have on board hydroponic growing. At INTERNATIONAL WATERS we believe there will be a large number of people who will be interested in a healthy, cruelty free vegan lifestyle with us and we only want to enable those with a vegan ethic this freedom to become more mobile and possibly interact with other beings, only in peace with good intentions.


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