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Kat Velez wrote -

Teams I have cheered for so far:

  • October 4-10: Boston Bruins
  • October 11-17: St. Louis Blues (eligible for donations again starting November 1)
  • October 18-24: Pittsburgh Penguins (eligible for donations again starting November 8)
  • October 25-31: Florida Panthers (eligible for donations again starting November 15)

So, me and the Blackhawks… I’m not saying we’re done for good, but I need to take some time off and see how I feel about them as an organization. Okay, more like a whole season off. But. I still love hockey. What’s a girl to do?

I'm having a little mini-contest every week during hockey season. People donate here and tell me which team they want me to root for. At the end of the week, I count up how many people have donated for each team, and I root for the team with the most donations at the beginning of the next week.

Now, there will be some rules to this. Once I root for a team, I can’t root for them for another month afterward. Also, there’s no minimum limit (beyond Crowdrise's $10 limit). If a Panthers fan is the only one who donates for that week, and it’s $10, I’m going to be a Panthers fan for a week.

So what does “being a fan” mean, exactly? Well, it means I tweet about the winning team at least once a day on @RunsOnDuncan and solely reblog them on my Tumblr for the entire week (from Sunday-Saturday). I’ll also change my userpic on Twitter and Tumblr to the logo of the winning team (unless I have a shirt or some other sort of team-related memorabilia – then the userpic will be me wearing or posing with said memorabilia).

And this isn’t limited to the NHL, either! If you can get enough people to donate to make me root for a CWHL, NWHL, KHL, AHL, or ECHL team for the week, that counts! Any team, any league (within reason – unless your beer league team has some sort of internet presence, it’s not really easy to root for them publicly, you see).

So what are you waiting for? Donate and tell me what team to root for next week!

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