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Semper Fidelis - "Always Faithful."

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November 24, 2012

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EVENT DATE: Nov 22, 2012

Pat Mishler



“When a Marine is Wounded, Surrounded, Hungry, or Low on Ammo, He Looks to the Sky.  He Knows the Choppers are Coming.”


I’d like to introduce you to Bob!

Bob is 75 years old, a USMC veteran of the Korean War and an amputee.   He was also a long-time volunteer for the Suncoast Hospice of Clearwater, FL.   Bob still lives in Clearwater, FL in a mobile home park and is in great need.  

We met Bob nine years ago when we lived in the mobile home park he still resides in.  He is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.  Back in 2004, when our dog Gracie was just a pup, Bob chased after her when she ran out of the house and up the street.  Back then, he used a cane to walk - he got her and made sure she got home.  Recently, when we told him Gracie passed, he was visibly shaken. Bob would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  Now, it’s Bob’s need we’re trying to look after.  And we’re hoping you can and will help!!

Bob lost his “better half” several years ago and with this loss, came the additional loss of emotional and financial security.  Bob lives alone now and has no family in the area.  He is not able to get around like he used to and although he is very tired, he fights hard not to let things get the best of him.  But the fact is, he is lonely, he is disabled and without our attention – he is alone.

Last month, his electricity was shut off for the 3rd time in the last couple of months resulting in an acute exacerbation episode requiring his hospitalization.  After treatment, he was then transferred to a nursing home for 5 weeks.  In addition to several medical issues, Bob has COPD.  He cannot be without oxygen that is supplied by equipment that uses electricity.  Extreme heat or cold conditions wreak havoc on Bob’s health.  Not having the income to pay all of his expenses (although modest compared to most of ours), cause significant stress and troublesome circumstances for him.  He has a limited income consisting of social security and a very small pension from his service to our country. 

Straight Ahead Outreach-Taking Back Your Life (STA) would very much like to make Bob’s Holiday special and the coming New Year more manageable for him.  Will you, can you help?  Without our help – Bob could very easily and very quickly become another homeless statistic. 

  1. Here are just a few ways your donations (of any amount) to STA will specifically help Bob: 
  2. Electric (monthly average bill - $120.00) x 12 = $1,440/yr
  3. Lot rent (monthly rent - $440.00) x 12 = $5,280/yr
  4. Food – Bob does not qualify for food stamps, so any contribution towards food is helpful as well.
  5. Last but not least, as you can see in the photo, Bob uses a manual wheelchair.  Remember, he is 75 and quite ill.  STA would very much like to provide him an electric wheelchair allowing him to be mobile in his own senior community (approximate cost $1,200)

While we are trying to raise assistance for one year, a donation of any amount is welcome.  100% of all donations on Bob’s behalf will go directly to his needs.  If requested, STA is more than happy to provide an expense report for all expenses paid by your donation. 

Please donate right now to this fundraiser!If you would like your donation applied to a certain item above, please state which number you would like it used toward.

THANK YOU for your support!


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