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Pamela Finister's Fundraiser:

Regular People Going to Kenya

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EVENT DATE: Nov 08, 2012

Pamela Finister


Carmen Harris wrote -

What if regular people, stopped talking and started doing?

What if regular people, stopped meeting and started going?

What if regular people, stopped praying about God's love and started to be God's love?

What if regular people, started DOING God's work.. by GOING for God.. to BE God's love.

What if we told you, regular people, like you, can start DOING, GOING, and BEING..Right Now.

hey regular person! did you watch the video? we regular people tend to skip videos. but,we promise you'll like it and it's less than 2 mins long!  plus, some regular person worked really hard on it!

Here's how:

1. Pray! When you pray- regular people can Do!

  • Specifically, Pray for the 6 regular people - Brandi, Carmen, Don, Jasmine, Nicole, and Tracy, from the 1 regular bible study group in Georgia  who have decided to Do!

2. Give! When you give- regular people can Go! 

  • Specifically,  Financially support the 6 regular people from 1 regular bible study group in Georgia who are going to Kenya. They need $3500 per person to Go!

3. Share! When you share-  regular people like you will want to Be, Do, and Go Too!

  • Specifically, Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and via Email, about what the 6 regular people from the 1 regular bible study group in Georgia are doing.  By the way, the 6 regular people from the 1 regular bible study group in Georgia are raising an additional $2,000 so they can share the funds raised with other regular people who want to BE, DO, and GO Too!

Thank you for your prayers and support,

Regular People Going To Kenya




Questions Regular People  Frequently Ask of Regular People Going To Kenya

1. When are you all going?

Right before Thanksgiving. Nov 8-18, 2012

2. Is it just the 6 of you all going?

Nope, there's a total of 22 Regular people from Elizabeth Baptist Church that complete our mission team 

3. What y'all gonna do there?

Tracy & Nicole have a passion for teaching children how to love God! They will lead part of our team in teaching over 1000 children at the Huduma School!  Jasmine & Don will be their top notch assistants!

Carmen likes to work in the medical clinic. So you will likely find her dispensing deworming medicine to children when she's not assisting Jasmine & Don with the youth. 

Brandi loves to share about God's love even to those who won't listen!  She'll take to the streets of as part of the Evangelism team.

We all will worship and fellowship with the local people at the Huduma Church.

4.Is this your first mission trip?

Brandi: yep! goodness, i'm so excited!

Carmen: this is my 4th! 1st time to Kenya though

Don: It is.

Jasmine: yes,and can't wait!

Nicole: Nope, it's my 5th!  3rd time to Kenya!

Tracy: This will be my 2nd trip to Kenya!

5. Can you bring me something back?

Really?!? This is not vacation!






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