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Senior Citicents, Help My Great Grandparents!

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Hi there!

Our names are Sage and Noah and we are raising money for our great grandparents, Bub and Grandpa. Here is a little back story.

In 1944, a young Navy seaman named John (That's my great grandpa!) had just come off a tour of World War II when he fell hopelessly in love with a gorgeous girl named Sally (That's my great grandma!) with bright blue eyes. She was just barely 17 when she married the man of her dreams, and had just turned twenty when she gave birth to their first of the five children they had together. Sally spent every moment of the day and night being a full time mother. When she wasn't cooking, she was cleaning. When she wasn't helping with homework, she was making dance recital costumes. "I cant remember a single day coming home from school when she wasn't there." - Sandy, Daughter. While Sally was busy bringing up the children and keeping house, John spent all hours working. After working odd jobs around the clock for 4 or 5 years he started a family drapery business to keep the wheels turning. After nearly 30 years of running the family business, my great grandparents decided to become landlords for low-income families and rehabilitated individuals, hoping to improve their value of life. They oftentimes even carried the mortgage and sold homes to families who would otherwise never be able to attain the dream of home ownership. My great grandparents have worked hard their entire lives and provided not only for all their children, but in time for their six grandchildren, and their seven great grandchildren.

Why are we raising money?

When the housing bubble burst and the recession set in, after working to secure their personal financial future as well as a family fund for years to come, it was all lost. Literally, every bit of savings was lost. Over the years, everyone in the family has done what they could to support Bub and Grandpa financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Since the loss of their entire safety net, we have pitched in when and where we could. We are not a wealthy or "well to do" family. We are a working class, blue collar family. Grandpa taught us all the value of a dollar and the pride of a hard days work, but as our own households struggle, there simply isn't enough spare change to go around.

My parents raised me under the ideas of respecting your elders and what goes around comes around. If Karma is to hold true for my grandparents, this is not what they have coming to them. They kept an entire household of seven clothed, fed, educated, and put in countless hours at dance recitals, violin concerts, football games, and boy/girl scouts. To see my great grandmother hand wash her laundry at the sink because her washer is broken and she cant afford to fix it breaks my heart. They do not deserve an empty cupboard and refrigerator. I don't want to see them scrounging up pennies anymore ... so my brother and I are asking you to scrounge up your pennies for them.

What is our plan?

With Senior Citicents, my brother and I hope to take your spare change and kind donations and turn them into a washer/dryer set and grocery store gift cards. We haven't told our great grandparents about this effort, we want it to be a surprise for them. We hope to have enough money to buy these things by Christmas so we can give them the gifts they so desperately need.

Thanks for reading,

Sage and Noah



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