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Senior Citizen's Recreational Centre

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Concept paper

Senior Citizens Recreational Centre

Aga Khan Social Welfare Board for Gulmit is functioning under the supervision of Ismaili Council for Gulmit. AKSWB is working for the betterment of the community. The mandate of AKSWB is ultra poverty, differently-abled people, family harmony, drug abuse, women’s development, and one of the mandates is senior citizens.  The board wants to establish recreational canters on village bases for the golden people of (Gulmit, Ghulkin, Hussaini, Passu, Shishkat).

Senior citizens; whom we called Golden People are the main segment of the society. Their role in the society is very important. They are the transformers who accepted the modernization and introduced and promoted education in Gojal, gave education to their children’s both male and females. Now they are in the stage where they need special care. Due to work burden no one is giving time to them specially their families and relatives and also dislocation of the educated people from the area, they couldn’t look after their parents. So, they feel ignorance and become frustrated. And also there is too much gap between senior citizens and our youth. Young ones are ignoring and not preferring or accepting their ideas.


The major goal of the project is to open recreational centers for senior citizens.  


To open re-creational center for Senior Citizens at Gulmit council jurisdiction at 5 villages during 6-months.
To provide platform to the students/researchers to get maximum information from the centre educationally, socially and culturally.
Transformation of traditional skills to the young generation.


The beneficiaries are senior citizens both male and female above 70 years old.


Out put:

Preparing and hiring of recreational centers at different villages.
Replication of the ideas in different areas.
Counselling of senior citizens towards the center.

Out comes:

Through entertainments in the centers their frustration will minimise at some level.
The youth of Gojal get information’s about their culture, history etc.



Better care service.
Seniors will be safe and secure in those centers.
Their frustration and tensions will be decreased.

Budget estimation

Approximately 50 lac will be required to establish the centers in 5 villages


Contact information

 Gulmit Gojal

The Gulmit Educational & Social Welfare Society Gulmit Gojal Hunza

Phone No 03449849466



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