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Sensory Proccessing Disorder

Organized by: Edward Washington

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EVENT DATE Sep 29, 2016


We can pretend we are all ok, have all the information we need, getting the proper therapy for our children, making progress, and finding the hope and strength needed to get through raising our children who struggle with the symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder. But, aren't there days, weeks, months, years that things have NOT been so? Don't we all connect with other SPD parents and families because of the similar STRUGGLES we share? Of course we do! It is NOT an easy road. Sometimes it just tears us up on the inside. It makes us question our parenting skills, our child's motivations. It breaks families apart. We lose strength to fight sometimes. We wonder WHY this is so difficult? We try to understand why our child has been dealt this hand, why we have. We struggle to find others who understand. We struggle to find doctors who can tell us what is "wrong" with our children. We lose hope and energy as we search for answers and solutions and find there are no quick fixes or magic "cures". At the same time, we have days where we see the incredible gifts our children possess. When we find the right diagnosis, the right treatment, the right validation, and we regain the strength we had lost. We finally feel understood, our children finally get the help they need. Some move ahead more quickly than others. Some decide they are ready and willing to share their story, their struggles, their education, and support with others. We all walk a similar path, and we can almost see predictable stages parents go through as they learn about this diagnosis and learn what their child needs. These paths are similar to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross's 5 stages of grief, really... denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. If you think about YOUR journey, you have probably gone through many of these stages, or are even just starting them now. Sometimes, many times, diagnosis is difficult. Misdiagnosis is common. Therapy can be hard to find, and when we do, it may not be the right fit, or we simply can not afford it. We seem to make two steps forward, one step back so many times, and it takes a toll on our emotions and physical well being. I want you to know, you are NOT alone in this, or your feelings. Admit the struggles, connect with others who have been where you are today. Find hope and validation in the similar stories. Remember this is NOT your fault, nor your child's. Parents of SPD children shed tears. We know there is something wrong, but no one seems to know how to help us. We are lost souls, praying for answers to come. For things to get easier. For help to arrive. Sometimes it does, many times it doesn't. This is just not acceptable anymore. We KNOW the symptoms of SPD, we KNOW that it is a neurological processing issue. There ARE people who can help. We have to keep spreading the word, until we have reached the farthest corners of the earth. Our children need us! I want you to know your struggles are similar; that other parents have felt and done what you have. That other families are going through what you are. Here you will find sadness and frustration, pain and sorrow, yet validation and hope... in the REAL stories of SPD families. Together we WILL make a difference as we continue to learn, to validate each other, educate those we can, and advocate for our children and our families!


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