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EVENT DATE: Sep 28, 2015

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 27, 2015

Our inaugural Relief Ride was in August and it was a huge success! We've now got another 6 veterans signed up for our Sept 28-Oct 2 Relief Ride, but we need your help to pull it off! It's a five-day ride where we ride on-road and off-road during the day, and at night back at the lodge we present information and have discussions about dealing with PTSD and making progress toward recovery. We still need money to cover the cost of gas, lodging, food, insurance, materials, and stipends for the professionals who join us and lend their expertise. It costs several thousand to put on the ride, and that doesn't count the ongoing expense of just building an operating a new nonprofit. Anything you can donate would be a huge help!

Motorcycle Relief Project (MRP) is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that provides relief to veterans with PTSD and other injuries by taking them on multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. Our mission is to honor and encourage veterans while providing them with opportunities to decompress, get unstuck, and connect with other veterans.


$10  -  A tank of gas for a veteran on a Relief Ride

$20  -  A meal for a veteran on a Relief Ride

$100  -  A night's lodging for a veteran on a Relief Ride

$300  -  A motorcycle helmet or other gear

$600  -  One full day of a Relief Ride for a veteran

$1,000  -  A full set of gear that veterans can use on our Relief Rides

$3,000  -  An entire Relief Ride for a veteran

$10,000  -  An adventure bike that veterans can use on our Relief Rides

$24,000  -  An entire Relief Ride for eight veterans


Or choose whatever amount works best for you.

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