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CROWDRISE : Mar 26, 2013
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BASED: New York, NY, United States


Mission Be, Mindful Edu

Mission Be brings mindful education to children in schools teaching the cultivation of mindfulness, empathy and compassion. Mission Be is sponsored by the 501(c)3 foundation September's Mission and all donations are tax-deductible.

Mission Be is a not-for profit-organization teaching mindful education in schools. Our mindfulness lessons are rooted in neuroscience, designed to create positive learning environments, increase student focus and decrease violence and bullying while creating a school-wide culture of compassion and kindness.

Mindfulness Education Programs Descriptions

Ten Week Core Mindful Education Program

Our core implementation program is delivered into classrooms for 30-40 minutes lessons once a week for 8 weeks by members of our mindful education team. During this time, a Mission Be Mindful Educator enters into the classrooms and  teachers the lessons to the children, while modeling and embodying mindfulness for the classroom teacher.  

A Mission Be Art Project is conducted during week 9. The students paint their “Mindful Hero.” This project inspires children to believe that their own acts of mindfulness can make a difference in the world. The mindful heroes art projects can then be displayed at the VA Veteran’s Hospital and distributed to the veterans. This project is dedicated to Jesse Lewis from Sandy Hook​, a true hero.  

During week 10, an interactive Mindful Day assembly is offered and the children come together to participate in a large group mindfulness practice. The group collectively practices a series of breathing exercises, guided visualizations, group affirmations, live music and movement. The day helps to establish a new school culture.  

Eight Week Trauma Resiliency Program 

This program was developed by mental health practitioners. It is held one hour a week for 8 weeks after school and aims to serve middle school students who have been identified as being at risk due to life circumstances. This program includes both mindfulness and expressive arts based skill to build resilience to trauma.

20 Hour Mindful Educator Teacher Training 

Educators come together for a 20 hour weekend training to learn how to teach our 8 week program, as well as enriched their own mindfulness practice. The training emphasizes embodiment and the development of a personal practice.

Parent Mindful Education Workshops 

This 90 minute workshop provides parents with an overview of the research behind mindfulness, and how simple strategies can improve your child’s happiness, academic function, relationships, and well-being in the home and at school.

Mission  Be Digital Application 

With the generosity of volunteers at the Highground Hackers, Mission Be created a point of concept for the Mission Be Mindful Digital Application for the classroom. The mindful application will be designed to be a digital cartoon in the classroom. With the creation of this project, Mission Be will be able offer a uniquely successful, scalable global model. It also allows for a sustainable business model for the organization.

Mission Be has impacted the following 15+ schools in the last two years reaching 2000+ students and 280 educators. 



Tax ID: 60-0001462 •


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