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Serena's Medical Expenses

Organized by: Serena Hamilton

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Two years ago I was on top of the world. I was a 43 year old woman who is a licensed electrician and finally was able to buy my first brand new vehicle. I have and old 1926 bungalo I was remoldeling and was near finishing. I was at a time in life were I knew who exactly I was and I was happy with who I seen in the mirror everyday. I am the kind of woman who will help my neighbors and give you the shirt off my back and not expect anything in return. I treat people the way I want to be treated and get great pleasure out of helping others. Then in one moment my life changed forever. I was involved in my first vehicle accident. I was hit by a flatbed truck which sent me airborne and through a sound barrier wall on the highway. The truck driver did not stop. My brand new truck was demolished and my injuries were severe. I had multiple broken and displaced ribs, punctured collapsed lung and concussion with brain injury. My brain injury was bad enough that I lost memory and could not remember what happened nor could I remember days prior to my accident. I had severe short term memory problems that I could not remember what someone would tell me a minute later. When I was released from the hospital I called my insurance company to file my claim. I had full coverage with new car replacement and thought Thank God I got the best plan. Boy was I wrong. The insurance company didn't pay a dime. No lost wages, no medical bills, tried telling me I didn't have the coverage that I knew I had. To make a long story shorter, the insurance company took advantage of my brain injury and memory loss to not pay for the insurance coverage I paid for. After months of recovery I started to remember details of my accident. I would have nightmares of my accident on a daily basis and bits and pieces I would start remembering. The driver that hit me actually did stop to check on me, then he left me to die. I cried out to God to please help me and I got the strength to climb out of my truck, find the highway and hitchhike to the hospital. I thank God everyday for the Marine from South Carolina who was on his way to Pennsylvania that stopped and picked me up from the side of the road. He saved my life because I was very close to death. I am still recovering from my injuries from that day. I just had surgery on my spine to removed some damaged disc and will be seeing the specialist in the next two weeks to set up my next surgery to repair some more damage to my spine. It has been a long road to recovery. It's been over two years. The insurance company finally paid my truck off a few months ago. They didn't pay the interest or court cost since the bank I had the loan through sued me for non payment. Plus I didn't get the new car replacement. I had excellent credit. Now I have the worst credit I've ever heard of. I wont be able to finance a vehicle for a long time until I get my credit straight. Im 45 and its the first time since I was 16 that I havent had a vehicle. When my doctor releases me back to work...I will have no way to get there.  The lawyer I had never divulge to me that she use to work for Allstate, my insurance company, and she didn't work for me or in my best interest. Not until my two years were up did she tell me she was dropping my lawsuit because her accident expert could not prove how my accident happened. By this time my memory has returned and I know exactly how my accident happened but I was told it doesn't matter. The fact that my original statement I had no memory is what they have to go on. I have been struggling financially. I've used up all my saving. My hospital bills are outrageous. There are days I don't eat because I have to pay for my medical insurance. I'm hoping one day soon I will be done with the surgeries and doctors and return to a normal life. I look forward to that day, but I don't look forward to working the rest of my life to pay hospital bills, my last surgery cost $101,598.12, my insurance paid almost $59,000.00. I don't like receiving calls every day from creditors saying they are sueing me for non payment. It's a struggle just to keep my electricity on and to find food to eat day to day. Now Im close to loosing the house that Ive put my heart and soul into. My home. It is so hard for me to ask for help. I'm the one that would help others, but to ask for help is the hardest thing I have ever done. This is my last hope, my last chance to keep what I've worked so hard for and so I don't have to work the rest of my life to pay for the cowardess of one man who left me to die. I pray for this man everyday. I pray he is not tormented by the decision he made that day. I hope he sees this and is comforted knowing I survived. I pray for strength and hope that he devotes time for helping others.


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Serena Hamilton

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