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Serenity Place makes it possible for your sister, brother, mother, dad, uncle, cousin or coworker to have a place to go when they need detox, transitional living, outpatient treatment or DWI education to get their license back. We provide all these recovery support services for men and women aged 18 and older, but they have to want to be here, be committed to making change in their lives and be ready to start or continue. Serenity is in downtown Manchester, NH, the state's largest city, therefore one of the places in NH where the most need  exists for these services. We've been at it for 35 years, but still need to fundraise a LOT of cash each year to make it possible for folks to come in for a nominal administrative fee or weekly rent.

So many people have made it to the next steps because they started here, got into what they were learning in groups, talked and listened to their counselors, and availed themselves of the great vibe that exists here. We are not about blame or accusations. We ARE about personal responsibility, doing the next right thing, and learning to love yourself, so you can live a happy life.

Who doesn't want to be part of that?

You should scroll down and see if we have a fundraiser going so you can support it.