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Service Dog for Quinn

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Imagine your own child behaving in ways that are not “normal” and having no idea why. Imagine knowing there is something wrong but not knowing how to make it better. Remember how you feel when your own child breaks a bone or scrapes a knee and there is nothing you can do to make it better. Imagine watching your child’s heart breaking or your child being scared and nothing you can do can make it instantly better. Well this is something that Quinn’s parents, Jerinda and Mike, go through on a daily basis.

Quinn didn’t play or act like “normal” child. He would often play alone even when other children were present. He would become extreme anxious and scared in certain situations. It was difficult to take him to places that would have crowds such as the mall, restaurants, and even school. The family began to look for answers and was finally told after many visits and tests that their son Quinn did in fact have Asperger’s Syndrome. Just take a moment to imagine a few things. Imagine not being able to hold a fork or spoon as soon as you are suppose to, imagine staring at people or avoiding eye contact all together, imagine being overwhelmed by sights, noises, and smells around you. Imagine the fear and anxiety this would bring. Well this is exactly what a child with Asperger’s goes through on a daily basis. Quinn parents realized though that they would be able to help him lead a better life now that they have a better understanding of what is wrong.

His mother, Jerinda, works tirelessly to give him and his brother the best of everything. She spends hours upon hours researching everything Asperger's has to offer and tools available to them to better Quinn's life. Recently the family has made the decision that a service dog would help Quinn tremendously. Because of the Asperger's, Quinn finds it difficult to be in certain situations and has extreme anxiety when placed in unfamiliar situation. If you have ever had anxiety, or a panic attack, you understand the feeling. Magnify that feeling by 300% and understand that it is something that happens most of the time. Recently he has begun exhibiting a phenomena that is even more terrifying for him and more so his parents. He has started to wander away on his own. His parents haven't had any issues with it at this time, but are afraid that no matter how much they watch him he will wander off and get lost or worse, hurt. They have decided that a service dog would be perfect for him as the dogs are trained to protect Quinn and keep him out of dangerous situations as well as help calm his anxiety.

Services dogs are not a cheap solution and that is where you come in. We need help in raising around $15,000.00 to help with the expenses of purchasing the dog, training it, and helping the family to travel to the training facility to get Quinn acquainted with the dog and learn how to command the animal. So we ask that you please help with a monetary donation in any amount that you feel comfortable, the more the better of course. Also for those who donate, we will keep you on our mailing list in the future so that you can see the help and joy that this animal will bring to Quinn and his family. May God continue to bless you and yours on a daily basis and with your help we can bring tons of joy, and assistance, to Quinn as well.



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