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Sexual Harassment In work place

Organized by: Tranies Merriweather

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This is to raise awareness of sexual harrasment in the work place. I have currently and am still going through it. Starting at my new work place I was excited to start finally made a regular/permenate carrier for the usps postal system. I been busing my but for 2 and a half years working long hrs. Shifts that sometimes lasted 15hrs with the continuous demand of management trying to get you to move beyond humanly possible. Not to mention working 7days a week no days off. No complaints I did my job and I did it very well, sometimes going with out breaks just so I wouldnt get penalize for not finishing my work. Granted the job is very physically demanding ok but I bit the bullet and did what I needed to do because it was my job and also I had no other choice. I finally made it past the gruesome two years but I did it and made permenate. So I got to go to another station under new management it was ok in the beginning up until one supervisor decided that I was gonna be his new project. Ok a lil about me im a 25 yr old lesbian, I love to dress comfortable, I have dreads nd love my natural state. At work we are required to wear uniforms, I have on the same thing as everyone else, I dont look any different than any of my other co workers. I go to as for a aux slip this slip allows you to get help with your route. Granted when you start at a new station you are allow to get familar with your route and casing the mail. Well this day my third day in, He was the supervisor I asked for help he denied my request stating that I needed no help that I just needed to move faster. I then talked to my shop stewart who tried to talk with him to explain the situation we are both females, while I was trying to explain he continuously cut me off and paid me no mind not to even look at me. He continued to refer to me as a male using "he" and "him" clearly u can see that I am female. The stewart corrected him continuously he still decided that he would use those words and denied my slip. I chalked it as nothing but something didnt sit right with me. So I talked to the stewart and she told me not to file a eeo complaint that it wouldnt get anywhere and is pointless. I decided to take it in my own hands and go through with it. In doing so the continuous harresment insued he would write me up all the time, stand behind my case and try to rush me out the office. Even in meeting became angry and insulted me calling me stupid and things of that nature. Basically to make himself feel superior to me. At this point I was in fear for my job recluse in his eyes I could do nothing right. When discussing anything with me he would use the same male pronouns. He even went as far as to contact my other station to try and get paper work to get rid of me. I have talked with management and other supervisors about him and they said that that "thats just how he acts" that "thats just his way of dealing with women". After filing the paper work I found he has a history of doing so and their solution to the problem is just to move him to new stations. But what about the females there. I just dont understand how he can continuously get away with it. Its been other females who filed complaints but withdrew them. I believe it has something to do with intimidation because it gets worst once u file the complaint. The woman who witnessed it wouldnt even write me a statment so I could have a witness. Now she does not speak to me, I also had a few of his coworkers try to make it harder for me to work. Pulling me to the side saying that i would have to fight to get help. I ended up going to counsling for this. It has got so bad to the point of me not wanting to go to work. Physically I sick my nerves are bad, it seems that everyone is beginning to retaliate now because of what I did I stood up for myself. I kinda regret the decision because I just want it all to go away. I been very depressed the past few months. I got in more trouble being at this station then my whole two yrs as a cca. I thought because they were women they would understand more but no. Im just afraid of losing my job. I just want to be the voice for all the females that he got fired or they quit or even going through what I am. Depression is real and also verbal sexual harssment. Its been times I wanted to just end commit suicide. Most of the woman are like me lesbian. They probably thought it would just go away but no one I mean no one should have to come in a work place and constantly be messed with. You never know what a oerson has been through. I been picked on all my life about my sexuality and now to have to take it in the work place was just no cool. I thought that was a demon I buried but he brought it back. Just looking to get some financial support since it has been hard for me to get to work. Just waiting on paper work so I can transfer.


Organized by

Tranies Merriweather

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