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The mission of ShadowLight Productions is to expose the general public to the art of Shadow Theater. The means of providing such exposure includes but is not limited to live theater, film, and other media. We strive to help preserve indigenous shadow theater traditions, and to explore and expand the possibilities of the shadow theatre medium by creating innovative interdisciplinary, multicultural works. Tax ID 94-3216800


Our Ultimate Vision is to expand the scope of Shadow Theatre as an artistic expression and as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. We offer our works as opportunities for our collaborators and audience members to cross over to new domains of cultural enrichment, social contemplation and interaction, artistic inspiration and mutual understanding. In doing so, we help build a more compassionate society.

Founded in 1972 (incorporated as nonprofit in 1994) by Larry Reed, ShadowLight Productions is one of the very few theatre companies in the world that are dedicated solely to the art of shadow theatre. Our activities are designed to demonstrate a wide spectrum of Shadow Theatre and ranges from traditional shadow theatre performances and creation of new works to documentary films on various shadow theatre traditions and arts-in-education programs. Our original works utilize an ingenious shadow casting method invented by Reed, which integrates the traditional shadow theatre techniques, cinematic effects and modern theatre and dance styles. The major works include IN XANADU (commissioned by Henson International Puppetry Festival in 1994, US tour in 1997), WAYANG LISTRIK (12-city US tour in 1998), COYOTE’S JOURNEY (with the Northern CA Karuk tribe; 2000-01 California tour), MONKEY KING AT SPIDER CAVE (2006 in SF; 9-city Taiwan tour in 2007), GHOSTS OF THE RIVER (2009 with Octavio Solis), PORO OYNA (with the Northern Japan Aynu tribe; 2012-14 Japan and US tour), and FEATHERS OF FIRE (2016 with Hamid Rahmanian; currently touring internationally).   With our culturally diverse works, we  consistently attract world music and theatre lovers of various ages and cultural, social and disciplinary backgrounds.  We cultivate community relations by collaborating with organizations in the area to provide places for interactions such as panel discussion and hands-on workshops. Our past productions have all been professionally filmed and are being released as a Legacy DVD Collection to expand our reach beyond the limitation of time and place of a live theatrical event. ShadowLight has twice been awarded UNIMA/USA Citation for Excellence from the International Puppetry Association and has been featured in puppetry and theater journals worldwide including the 1st and 2nd volumes of Schattentheater, and Eileen Blumenthal’s Puppetry: A World History