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Shaheed.Shafana Loague

Shaheed.Shafana Loague
Euless, TX United States
Stuff About Me:

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for viewing my kids page. 

I Cyril Loague father of Shafana & Shaheed Loague am currently fighting for custody of my two beautiful children. I am just one of the many fathers out there that want their kids and want to be part of their kids life. A few months ago i was granted temporary full custody of my kids. The court ruled in my favor because they found that the mother of my children was indeed neglecting my kids. She was not giving them the support, time, care and love that they need as children. Recently, that decision was over thrown by a judge who did not know the case very well and who was blind to hear and see the truth about my kids situation with their mother. With no hesitation he proceeded by reinstating all previous falsified orders and documents that were submitted by my ex-wife when we got divorced. I am currently in debt over 17,000.00 dollars in legal fees because i have been fighting for my kids and i am heart sick with the idea of giving up on them. Along with that, they have reinstated the false child support that my ex-wife claims i owe of 4,000.00 dollars plus the time that the kids have been with me under the temporary order that was granted to me over 1 year ago. 

I am asking for assistance from the public as my funds are very low now to keep fighting for my kids. I love my two children very much. In the year that they have been with me my current wife Noemi and I have made a lot of progress with the kids emotionally, physically, and in their education. My kids now have to go back to their mother 1 week after school is over. I fear for my childrens life in all aspects. I know for a fact that when they go back they will be brain washed and all the progress that my children made here in Texas will be lossed. In California they have no one to look up to. They have no discipline, support, or care that will be necessary for my kids well being. My kids are indeed very happy hear with me in Texas and are loved by many in the community and have made a lot of good friends. They tell me and their teachers in school that they do not want to go back to California with their mother. My ex-wife has done a poor job about keeping up with their medical attention when its been needed, has failed to help them with their school grades, and has failed to teach my kids the basics that we all know like: counting, learning to speak, hygiene, potty training etc. All these things i had to teach them when they arrived to Texas a year ago. My ex-wife has also put my daughter Shafana in special needs classes back in California when clearly she is not special needs. All my children need is the adequate attention, love, and time to be brilliant children. They need a strong family foundation where they teach them the values that they need to succeed and be good people in life, and i believe my kids can be that and much more if they stay here in Texas with me. 

I am asking for anyone that would be willing to financially assist us to donate any amount that you feel in your heart. All contributions to my kids custody battle will be forever appreciated. 


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