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Shambrisha Orange

Shambrisha Orange
Garland, TX United States
Stuff About Me:

Alzheimers. I haven't been impacted directly with this disease but I would like to share my experience with you. I was in the medical field for the last 10 years and as a medical office assistant I answered phones and did most of the scheduling.  Well this one patient in particular called numerous times just to find our location. A very sweet, elderly lady who thought my name was so beautiful.  Even though she couldn't pronounce it correctly. Moving on. 

The patient called numerous times for our location and I realized that I was having to repeat myself more so than usual. Finally I told her just find this landmark and I will walk out to greet you. She was so pleased that I would do that for her and she was getting frustrated with herself for not remembering.  I assured her it was alright and I was just glad she was safe. I later found out she was on the brink of Alzheimers.  This was the early, onset stages. Forgetfulness.  Short term memory loss. When I received this news my attitude did not change toward her. I did not treat her any different. I was still patient and kind. And she realized that. Fast forward.

This same sweet young lady called the medical office to inquire about a bill and I was glad to help her with the information. And then what happened?  You guessed it. She called back again. And again. And again. I politely relayed the message to her over and over until I thought she comprehended.  And this last time, she asked me my name (again). She said to me, I just want to say thank you for not getting upset with me. I frustrate myself for being so forgetful these days I don't know what's wrong with me.And if I frustrate myself I know that other people are frustrated too. But you have not changed, your attitude has not changed,  and you have continued to be polite and help me understand. And for that I thank you.

This lovely lady may not even remember her encounter with me 5 or 10 years from now.  But I will. I will never forget. I will never forget how appreciative she was toward me, simply for being patient and kind with her. So this message is for whomever it applies: if you have a family member,  loved one, or friend that does develop Alzheimers,  please continue to be patient and kind. They may not remember it 100%, but for that moment in time they will appreciate how you treat them. #tacklealz #BvBDallas 



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