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Educational Animation and Comic Book for Students and their Families 2010




Proposal for Educational Animation and Comic Book for Students and their Families 2010

Organizational Background

The Shana Foundation's mission is educating the public and health care professionals about the dangers, warning signs, symptoms and treatment protocol of bacterial meningitis. The foundation's signature tool for reaching out to the community is the dynamic educational animation video that it promotes and distributes through its website, Facebook, YouTube and GOOGLE Adwords to high school and college students across the country. The foundation also conducts an innovative awareness program that strategically places instructive plaques in hospital emergency rooms. The plaques have been developed primarily to provide healthcare professionals with vital information on the identification, management and treatment of bacterial meningitis. Its lifesaving information is currently being converted into a cell phone application to assist emergency room personnel where rapidly disabling meningitis typically presents itself.

Project Overview

The Shana Foundation created and produced its animated video, Shana’s Rainbow, to reach college students and inform them about the warning signs and dangers of bacterial meningitis. Distributed via social media, the video was featured last year at the San Francisco International Film Festival, Hoboken International Film Festival, Asbury Park Surfing Film Festival and Long Island International Film Festival.

After receiving commendatory resolutions from the New Jersey State Senate and General Assembly for its efforts as the initial architect of mandatory meningitis education in New Jersey public schools, The Shana Foundation was invited by the State Senate Health Committee to further its efforts in a statewide bacterial meningitis awareness program. Thanks to a grant from Google, this educational campaign will reach a national audience. Through a keyword search, GOOGLE links the public across America to The Shana Foundation's educational materials. The foundation’s website address appears prominently on the search results to urge the public, healthcare professionals, students and parents to visit the site for additional information and directs them to the educational animation and the accompanying comic book in both a digital viewing format and a printable pdf version.

The Shana Foundation is creating a customized animation film and accompanying booklet in digital form and as a printable pdf as part of its planned campaign for which we seek funding. In order to ensure that the animation resonates with children of all age groups, The Shana Foundation will transform Shana’s Rainbow into two age-appropriate animated videos specifically directed toward young children (elementary/middle school) and older children (high school/college). To ensure that parents are also receiving the information they need to stay informed and be active in their children’s overall health, The Shana Foundation is planning to create an additional animation specifically for parents to present a stimulating visual depiction of the bacterial meningitis facts checklist. The printable comic booklet for each video will include the bacterial meningitis fact list in an eye-pleasing setting.

Once the videos and booklets are on the internet, this national campaign can be viewed by children and their families in across America. Through our educational campaign and as the GOOGLE source for meningitis education, The Shana Foundation has the responsibility to educate children and their families with effective, age- appropriate messages.



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SHANA FOUNDATION INC is working on selecting a charity so you can support Educational Animation and Comic Book for Students and their Families 2010.