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Shanahan's for NAAF!

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Kim Shanahan


One of our daughters was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when she was 10 years old. It started with small patches and then the hair grew back and we thought no worries. Well, the crazy thing about this disease is it has a mind of its own. The patches started again and grew with a vengeance. It took all of the hair on her scalp and then her eyebrows. When we didn't think it could get worse, it took her eyelashes with no warning. A pre-teen, this was very difficult for her and those around her who love her. Always unpredictable, her eyelashes and eyebrows have grown back which is great news for now. We need to find a cure and help those with this incredibly devastating and difficult autoimmune disease. It strikes kids, adults, men, women...any time and without warning. Your hair can grow back but sometimes when you get strikes again. It is both emotional and physical, evokes insecurity and sometimes incredible strength, happiness and devastation. Our daughter is a beautiful smart, strong, funny, athletic and incredible girl. We say with conviction that adversity makes us stronger. While true, we are at war with these auto-immune diseases. We are starting to make huge strides in helping those who have been affected by Alopecia Areata. Let's find a cure and help our friends, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers!

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