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Shanti Bhavan Childrens Project

Shanti Bhavan Childrens Project
CROWDRISE : Apr 25, 2014
Tax ID: 26-4188445
BASED: Boonton, NJ, United States


Shanti Bhavan

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in a Single Generation

Shanti Bhavan is a major education program in rural Tamil Nadu, India, exclusively for children born into the country's lowest social and economic class – the Dalit caste, formerly known as the "untouchables." The project provides these children with free, high-quality education at its residential school and then sends them to top-tier colleges, continuing to provide them with complete financial support, personal counseling and general care throughout. This is 17 years of intense intervention – from age 4 to 21.


Our idea is that by giving top-level, long-term education and guidance these children will go on to pursue high-paying jobs and leadership opportunities in India and work to uplift their families and communities.


Our mission is to mitigate and eventually end the extreme social discrimination and poverty that this segment of the population has been trapped in for generations.


Our success is unprecedented. All 12th grade graduates have received high-ranking scores on the India School Certificate exams (similar to the SATs) and all have been accepted into top-tier universities across India. Shanti Bhavan's first batch of college graduates have received job offers from companies such as Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young, Mercedes Benz, Deloitte, and iGate Corporation. These are children who lived in huts with coconut-leaf roofs and who had no access to running water and basic sanitation.


Shanti Bhavan is the only school of its type and represents a radical change from the conventional short-term basic literacy model.

Tax ID: 26-4188445 •


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