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CROWDRISE : Jan 30, 2012
Tax ID: 31-1668526
BASED: Portland, OR, United States



Our Mission

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Our objective is to provide the latest and most comprehensive information on programs and community efforts across the United States directed at increasing physical activity and improving nutrition in our nation’s youth.  In addition, our website at offers a single location for the latest news, funding opportunities, publications and other resources related to childhood obesity.

Shaping America's Youth(SAY), is a ten year old grassroot effort to promote the voices of citizens and programs concerned about childhood obesity.  To date, SAY has provided the only national survey on programs addressing childhood physical activity. SAY has published a report in the American Academy of Pediatrics and it can be accessed at It is the only data to provide a framework to reverse America's youth obesity and activity issues. 

SAY today is launching it's efforts to maintain the website as a portal for information for programs to share best practices and continue the ongoing dialogue on combating childhood obesity. This site has been used as an educational tool by communities, youth, policymakers, non-profit organizations and others to network. Ideally, our strategic plan will see that communities across the country will convene their own town meetings to discuss these priorites and use the report as a place to start their own discussions. We hope to acquire further funding through grants and corporate donations but we need individuals to show that they are part of this grassroots effort in order for all of our voices to be heard. Our goal is to demonstrate that we all are part of this solution.



Tax ID: 31-1668526 •


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