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Organized by: Erving Lambert

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I have enough money for an apartment or to put a few hundred dollars per month
into our business. I cannot do both so I choose to live homeless while building Steve Jobs said, "Because those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are usually the ones who do!" I believe will change the economics of the world from one of greed to one of SHARING. ShareADs us is all about creating JOBS & cash jackpots for our members and GUARANTEED  SALES & PROFITS for businesses that advertise with Advertisers & Members united together can build each other financially better than any team in the world can. Advertisers need people to purchase their goods & services and people (our Members) love the thought of Advertisers SHARING with them so that the Members have incentive to make Purchase Commitments with Advertisers! will "marry" the two, choosing 1 member to be matched up with 1 Advertiser and EQUALLY "SHARING" whatever that business advertises with us - 50-50, with that member. So, i.e., if Walmart were an advertiser spending $1 million per month advertising on, the lucky member matched with Walmart would EQUALLY "SHARE" $500K per month with us! The least a member, even on the $1.00 Membership Level could make, will "SHARE", WHEN he is matched up with an Advertiser, will be $50.00 a month for a $2.00 a month investment!

When people learn that there is money all over the place to be EARNED or WON on, we should someday have over 1 billion members! As for Advertisers, their profits will be Guaranteed to be made above whatever they spent in advertising with us --- or they get their advertising for free until they do make those profits! There is nothing in the world that has more potential for helping more people and more businesses with their economics than

Because our Mission Statement is to help businesses and people financially, I offer anyone who invests at least $500.00 (per month) an "up to" $1 million per month contract. Since I believe we will eventually be worth 50,000 millions of dollars (50 billion in other words, or more) there is a lot of room for these "up to" $1 million dollars per month limited partnership contracts to be made. Hope you want a piece of this pie!

We are three full partners now, including an expert Phalcon programmer in Vietnam. I pay wages to both of my full partners (which is why I live homeless so that I have help with this! It's hard to build something without help, and it's hard to get help without paying people ...). We cannot open the website any sooner than the programming is done. Quyhn, my Vietnamese Phalcon Programmer, works a full-time job and only works 20 to 30 hours part-time on As such, it won't open any sooner than next year. If we could raise even $500.00 a month (the reason I set the goal so low: $5000.00 = $500.00 a month for 10 months), we could hire another Phalcon programmer and maybe be done before Christmas?
I do not like living homeless, but I sacrifice not only for my own needs but I believe tens of thousands if not millions of people around the world will someday thank me for the sacrifices I have made so that they can have JOBS that they wouldn't have had without my sacrifices. It would require at least $2500.00 a month for me to consider spending some of that money to live as a roommate with someone, instead of me sleeping nights in bushes: comes first to me --- I really DO SACRIFICE for it! I am an idea person. I have 1 great programmer on our team: we need at least 1 more good programmer to work under Quynh's guidance; and a good graphic design person wouldn't hurt either! I hope you'll want to help!

If you do not have money to invest very much, I will also give you an "up to" $1 million per month contract if you are willing to help build it with 10 hours of WORK per week. Even a 10 year could apply for this type of Limited Partnership. Or a retired person. Or someone with a disability. Or anyone who has 10 hours per week to put into the world's greatest developing project to HELP THE WORLD! (Only spiritual projects to bring one to God are greater than this.)

You cannot see much here now because Quyhn has me building picture pages of what I want so that he can program them into functioning pages. Furthermore we are programming on a sub site. But you can see some of the "old" look, (we are modernizing pages and making them cellphone clickable too!) and you can read the INFO Pages if you wish to learn more of how we will operate and the whys:

Here are a couple of those pages, and you can click into others if you wish:

As well as other pages that explain the "SHARING" of Advertisers ...

If you are a humanitarian, and wish to help the world financially ...

you won't find a better cause to invest into than, because other causes help only a few individuals or a charity helping only a few hundred or a few thousand or something. however will help the world! has the potential of helping MILLIONS of people around the world ... of providing more JOBS, more ways of putting money into people's pockets AND of helping any business no matter how small their advertising budget is --- than anything in the history of the world ... Please help us to build!

P.S. - If you just want to donate a dollar that's ok, too (but, sorry, no "piece of the pie").





Organized by

Erving Lambert

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