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Team Member: Danielle Creason

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Liana Werner-Gray wrote -

OUR MISSION: To donate copies of "The Earth Diet" book to provide the reader with nutrition education, healthy recipes and tips to boost their immune system to live a great natural energetic life.
BENEFITING: 5,000 people around the world who are in a health crisis. (Ripple affect can impact millions of people)
IMPACT: We share health with the world by assisting others in transforming their health and relieve suffering. The world becomes a healthier happier place.
ORGANIZER: Liana Werner-Gray
EVENT: We start donating books to people by visiting schools, hospitals and organizations from October 2014 through December 2015.

THE STORY:Liana Werner-Gray wrote: I am very passionate about helping people achieve health. I was 21 years old when I hit rock bottom with my own health - I was faced with a life threatening diagnosis - I had a pre-cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball in my lymphatic system in my throat, it hurt to swallow, I had glandular fever, chronic fatigue, my skin and eyes were yellow, my organs especially my stomach stopped breaking down foods and my digestive system stopped absorbing nutrients, my blood tests also showed I was on the verge of leukemia. I knew I was too young to die, so I looked honestly at my diet and how I could improve my health. I was not surprised that I became so sick because for the previous 5 years I ate junk food every single day. It became a vicious cycle, and I was addicted to junk food and convenient lifestyle. It was like a form of self-sabotage and I really tried to stop eating so much toxic foods but I did not feel like I was in control of my health. All I wanted to do was eat chocolate, burgers, chips, ice cream and candy - but there is one major problem with this - it was poisoning by body and depriving it of nutrients. And so when I got the wake up call of my life - when this lump popped in my throat and I went to the hospital for a biopsy, I promised myself I would take better care of my body. I knew that if I cut out the junk foods that were weakening my immune system, and started to nourish my body properly with nutrient rich foods, as well as incorporate a holistic healing approach - that I could transform my health - and I did and in 3 months the tumor was gone and I was strong enough to go back to work. So that I didn't go back to my junk food habits, I created a blog and a challenge where I would eat only natural foods that earth provided for 365 days and called it "The Earth Diet" This is how I got a contract with a major book publisher who are now launching my new book in 5 countries, and we will be donating to over 5,000 people all around the world. I have lived this natural lifestyle now for over 6 years and I am healthier than I was as a teenager. I have dedicated my life to sharing this story with the world, to give people hope that might be suffering, and to provide them with nutrient rich recipes that are also delicious to replace junk food cravings, and to nourish the body properly with daily doses of nutrition. 

I have successfully helped over 30,000 people to date to improve their health with conditions that include everything from autoimmune disease, acne, autism, addiction, depression, eating disorders, over eating and emotional eating, diabetes, cancer, fatigue, other disease, MS, psoriasis and other skin conditions, obesity and more. Before I donated The Earth Diet book to sick people, I was an ambassador for Starlight Foundation and Make A Wish Foundation where I granted sick children with a dream of their choice! It is a passion of mine to help people achieve and maintain health. 

The basic science is that when we put proper nutrition into our body, our immune system gets strengthened and is able to do it's job to heal the body and then maintain health. My book educates people on how to get nutrition from real whole foods, and then provides hundreds of plant based recipes for every type of eater and includes recipes for raw vegans and meat eaters. There are a lot of juice recipes, smoothies, teas and waters and even a 7-Day Boosting Immunity Guide. My mission is to help people all around the world to access the kind of health that I did. 

When you donate to this fundraiser and you will help people to transform their health. You can tell us in the comments when you make your donation exactly who or what type of person you would like the book to go to, for example you may want to help someone with cancer, or a young girl with an eating disorder. We can also recommend places for your book to be donated. 


Published by Hay House

Pages: 224

Release date: October 28th 2014

Recipes: Over 100 including variations, for every type of eater

The information and recipes in "The Earth Diet book is what Liana used to heal herself, and now you have the opportunity to give the gift of health to someone who may not know the possibilities for health that are available to them. You have the opportunity to impact someone’s life in a very positive and healthy way. You could save someone’s life. You can give people access to the health they want through the recipes and information in this book! The Earth Diet is not about depriving the body, but nourishing it with foods that contain nutrition, while still being able to enjoy our favorite foods like ice cream, burgers, chocolate and chicken nuggets.

This book gives hope to people who have hit rock bottom with their health. You may want to give this book to someone who is suffering with cancer - it would give them hope and tasty recipes. Or you may want to give the book to a child that you care about who is healthy and you want to show them how they can maintain their health - rather than having to experience a life threatening illness. Many people hit rock bottom before transforming their health. We want to send a message to our children that they can maintain health if they focus on what earth provides naturally. Either way this book brings nourishment through proper nutrition into the lives of all who are able to own a copy! It improves the health of every person who tries it!

Health experts who endorse the book:

Dr Mark Hyman, MD, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet. "The Earth Diet book is complete with leading-edge recipes that are quick, delicious and nutrient rich for every type of eater. Liana Werner-Gray has mastered the art of eating by creating recipes that taste good while also provide the body with adequate nutrition. This is a must-read if you want to lose weight, increase energy, tackle chronic illness and disease, and conquer unhealthy eating patterns so you can live more naturally."

Donavan Green, Personal Trainer and Health Counselor to Dr Oz “As a personal trainer and fitness coach I have seen people transform their lives simply by adjusting their diets and making the choice to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Liana's approach to healing the body from earths foods is remarkable and very similar to my belief as well. I believe food can be the cause of dis-ease and also the cure as well.”  

Dr Thomas Ianniello, New York “I want to commend Liana on The Earth Diet! More than 50 of my patients have used her recipes and are feeling better, slimming down, and making healthier choices for themselves and their families.”

Robert Holden Ph.D. author of Happiness NOW and Shift Happens! "The Earth Diet rocks!  I love the book. The Earth Diet website is bookmarked under Favourites, and I visit the Facebook page everyday for fresh inspiration, facts, and truly great recipes."

Now it's up to you - how many people do you want to have access to the information, inspiration and recipes in this book?

Our current plan to donate the books is as follows:

  • 1,000 books to people of your choice - you will let us know who you want to donate too!
  • 1,000 books to people who email us requesting they need books
  • 600 books to Eating Disorder organizations including the Kirsten Haglund Foundation 
  • 300 books to Children with health issues including Ronald McDonald House
  • 300 books to Children with cancer including Make A Wish Foundation and Starlight Foundation
  • 500 books to Cancer Patients and organizations including Fuck Cancer
  • 10 books to Aim For The Stars Foundation - to help youth achieve goals and encourage them to believe
  • 75 books to Autism including Camp Hill and Autism Speaks
  • 350 books to MS Charities
  • 550 books to Local Hospitals
  • 30 books to The Daily Love - Mastin Kipp Foundation
  • 45 books to Obesity including Let's Move
  • 50 books to Basket Brigade - Anthony Robbins foundation to feed families in need built on a simple notion - one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds.
  • 100 books to David Lynch Foundation - for at risk youths - to help them achieve a healthy life.
  • 60 books to Jps Peace Love and Happiness Foundation - they contribute to a sustainable planet through protecting animals and conserving the environment. 
  • 30 books to Orfalea foundation - early childhood education and youth development

If you have a great idea of where you want books to go - email me and let me know! I will actually be physically visiting hospitals, schools and organizations to deliver the books myself. We will get photographs and video footage of this experience whenever possible. Also email me if you want to learn the perks you get for donating including an appearance by me visiting your company, a certificate of recognition that you are sharing health with the world, and promotion via my social media channels and website that can reach 1.2 million people per week.

Together we can share health with the world and cause transformation.- Love Liana.


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Liana Werner-Gray

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