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Miserable life of 14-month-old baby has started to quadruple the body "Seeing him Achieving illness, many people advised me to entrust animal hospital but I disagree. Since birth, she has suffered Dat so despite how hard my husband and I still raise their child. " Mr. Nguyen Hong Quan - Nguyen Tien Dat Baby grandfather shared. The circumstances of his family above the Nguyen Hong Quan (62 years old) - 14 indicates organizations, neighborhood Bom Lo township Kien Luong, Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province. Hydrocephalus due to brain disease right from the moment Nguyen Tien Dat baby from the womb to the baby now Pass with 4x big head than the body. The very beginning of this oversized do not know Flip Dat Baby, baby sitting, although already 14 months old Dat. From birth to now, baby Dat remains the same and only the first part has to do little more pressure sores so painful. To the People's Committee of Kien Luong town, AP Reporter was Mr. Truong Cong Bach - Red Cross President Kien Luong town we visited his family and baby Dat Nguyen Hong Quan. Whether on the go, Mr. White told us the baby's head to anomalies Pass but when we witnessed not startled previous head to very many times the pale emaciated body of the baby. Especially when he only showed us Army ulcers on their head are decent pus Pass, everyone laments. He wrote feelingly says: "The new 6 months and 10 days is the right Dat baby born already. Thus, with the first 4 or 5 times bigger than her body that it is alive to the heavens now deplore. It was this and suffer injuries early child motherless, distant father ... so my husband and I though suffering some still try to nurture him properly. But she did not know it, "bear in" with my wife much longer here, because every day she heads to abnormal or sick and constantly ... " According to Duong Thuy Nga (58) - Achieve grandmother said the baby, when the baby is 6 months old new Achieve 10 days old, doctors discovered Nguyen Thi Bang - Reach her mother suffering from chronic kidney disease. Around May 4/2014, she Degree sudden bleeding and her family put up emergency Cho Ray Hospital. On arrival, the doctor for surgery to save her unborn child and Degree. Thankfully timely surgery, and her fetus survived Bang, but the doctor said the fetus was sick and very weak brain hydrocephalus should put into an incubator to nurture. By her own the special care, after her health, the doctor conducting dialysis for 15 days, her sister passed away. Do Dat baby born premature, the baby mother died young so Achieving hospital until December 3rd nurture new family brought her home care. "When welcoming grandchildren Dat home, many people in the hospital advised me to entrust animal hospital because they see me poor, older age, children with serious illnesses Repeating ... But my husband insisted on bringing him home culture, nonetheless was his nephew. Moreover, my mother had died young and, now he had quit her grandmother star! "He said as he choked Army quietly looking up at the picture of her Degree. Ms Nga said take her first few months on the Achieved, Achieved grandchildren often fever and head on bigger and bigger and bigger ... She visited the baby they were all injured but no person would dare to hold your baby because the baby's head is too big to Achieve limp. Just because the baby's head is too big to Russia whenever her husband take her to the hospital Pass is extremely difficult. To solve this problem, the Russian she quit a few days, sewing a pocket very special babies tied, for babies Pass. From the date of this bag work brought her to the hospital Pass is also easier for the couple said Quan. Con wish my brother was cured! According to the Army, said he and his wife, when she took his Degree Nguyen Nhuan - Reach her father, the couple put together in Ca Mau Nhuan a living 'employ. Prenatal Baby Achieve more, he and his wife had a baby girl Nhuan and this year was 9 years old. Since she fell ill and lost Degree, his family Nhuan was owed more than 100 million. Therefore, with the debt "giant" and alone he Nhuan two children, especially young children, such as Dat illness is okay worries often. So he told him Nhuan Army sent him back to feed the baby Dat and advised him to Ca Mau Nhuan worry about raising daughters go to school age 9 and pay the debt of 100 million to one. Due to the summer holidays so little sister Dat Nguyen Anh Thi nephew (age 9) was the father brought up his grandparents house and see me play the last few days. Dat Baby Sitting side, I Anh Thi shared: "I do not know what your sister, but big head disease like this. Price as my sister had her head as usual this time she could lead me out okay. I hope grandparents and my father do have money to early cure to your sister! " He heard her say Thi Nga not hold back the tears, she sadly said: "daily struggle, how miserable my husband but also withstand every little boy looked about the same age in her neighbor Dat run playing dance as husband and wife and I could not stop crying. Every night my wife and I prayed for her immediate buddha chance to cure me I could call her grandparents and playing with small children in the neighborhood is something that my wife and I desperately desired. " In time to take her to Children's Hospital Achieve 2 examination, Mr. Quan said the family doctor trying to nurture Reached 2 years old baby, the hospital will conduct surgery Dat baby, because surgery in stage This passage success rate will be higher. For now, approximately 1-2 months, he and his wife put the baby up Military Hospital 2 examination and taking oral medication. Money went on every busy, infant medical bills also cost several million Dat. Reportedly, the entire amount, the couple borrowed Military neighbors, because you think you are the workers should not be much help for his wife Army. Mr. Truong Cong Bach - Chairman of the Red Cross said Kien Luong town, Quan and his wife is also a difficult family locally. Previously, Mr. Quan go to protect his wife sew pillowcase sell enough food to live temporarily. From day Dat baby nourished, he and his wife put all things military, focusing on infant care Achieving but extremely difficult. Because military spouses when his advanced age but have meager, nourishing day wake up at night grandchild baby with serious illnesses like Dat's what we saw too much for his wife Army ". While his wife was chatting with PV Forces AP is in the outage. Scorching heat of summer have the opportunity to burst into the house as little stuffy Dat, Oe up crying. Worth mentioning, the sweat on her big head out and flowing Achieving decent lead to sores on the baby started doing more and more uncomfortable Pass. This time, he took all of her strength Military hunched my daughter and Achieve the hammock infected plum tree outside porch. Dat baby lying in his arms strutting Army, two small eyes half closed enjoy the natural cool breeze as she likes more. Dat Baby smile, baby smile pure Dat!


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Bui Xuan An Giang

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