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Shave and a Haircut--Two Bits (or more)

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Cancer is like being part of a special club, with scars, the knowledge of which of your veins produces the most blood, a notebook full of medical terms and prescriptions and surgeries, knowing how it feels to be tired, sick beyond your imagination and bald. It also has a secret hand signal, consisting of a middle finger raised from your closed fist.

It's a club that should have fewer and fewer members, and, children should NEVER be allowed to join. Not ever.

I'm a lifer in the club--my cancer never goes into remission. I've lost loved ones to it over the last few years, and, currently have a few more fighting this damn disease. Different versions, yet, all the same in the end.

When you have cancer, it's difficult to explain or discuss what you are going through, how you feel emotionally or mentally. The only ones who truly grasp it are your fellow club members. There are times you feel isolated, scared, fearing calls from your doctor, yet, needing to know results ASAP.

Because of different proxmities, I'm unable to be with those who are I'll right now. All I can do is send letters, make calls, let them know I'm there. Far too many people step back for one reason or another, ignoring what is going on, as frightened of the word cancer as they are of the word love.

I can, however raise money. I'd never make enough hooking--the 25% fee to a pimp is ridiculous. Yes, I'm joking. However, I'm not joking about raising funds. I can shave my pate and, with that, hopefully entice some of you to donate money to cancer research.

I hope you will help.




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