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Fighting Human Trafficking: She Is Priceless Documentary

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Our Cause

Every day, women, men and children are being trafficked for sex against their will. Whether they arrived at their situation through poverty, abuse, circumstance, or the family they grew up in, one thing is clear -- those who are trafficked are trapped in a world that is both awful and seemingly impossible to get out of. 

Trafficking can be seen everywhere. Even with an International sporting event, sex trafficking is not only present, but in high demand. In fact, An estimated 40,000 additional women and children were trafficked across national borders to meet that demand for sex during the 2010 World Cup.

In scenarios like these, we ask the question: How do you get millions of fervent soccer fans to watch a film about sex trafficking? How do you get them to change their value of women and understand what they are "buying" into?

The Story

In 1983, the World Cup’s coveted trophy – the beautiful Nike Goddess of victory – was stolen and never seen again (That REALLY happened). What if she was a REAL woman? And what if, after 30 years, she was found? What if she had been trafficked?

“SHE IS PRICELESS” follows the fictional story of a man named Marcelo who finds her working as a prostitute during the 2014 World Cup on the dark streets of Rio de Janeiro. Mixed with real-life footage in the sex trade and interviews from ex-pimps, trafficking survivors, and professionals in the field, the film educates the audience on the damaging roots of sex tourism in Brazil while following Marcelo’s quest to return the priceless woman of gold to her rightful place.

Mixing Documentary and Fictional Genres

The film isn’t just a documentary about trafficking. Instead, it will be an entertaining and informative film for World Cup fans.  The film will be appealing to any male or female sports fan because of the rich history of soccer woven throughout and will provide eye opening insight at the correlation between the World Cup trophy and a modern day sex slave. While the film does have interviews and information about trafficking and sex tourism, it’s also based on a premise that every World Cup fan wishes he were in – coming across the stolen World Cup trophy in the form of Nike, the beautiful Goddess of Victory.

The film has two goals: 

1)    Create a negative stigma of sex tourism during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil in order to reduce the numbers of women and children bought and sold, both up to and during, the World Cup events.

How? We will take an iconic image in all of soccer and liken it to a prostituted woman. When futbol fans see the stolen World Cup trophy, Nike, the goddess of Victory, being prostituted on the street, they will have an appropriate reaction of anger and confusion. When they see that she doesn’t consider herself valuable, they will wish they could tell her that she is. 

2)  Create a worldwide movement to bring awareness to the problem of human trafficking during the World Cup, and create a group of activists who will fight for the rights of the victims.

How? Viewers will be inspired to play a part in fighting trafficking by:

1) Not buying sex.

2) Reporting and identifying sex trafficking.

3) Bringing awareness to others about the injustice of human trafficking.  

4) Standing up for stricter laws on human trafficking.  

5) Supporting healthy aftercare programs for victims. 

6) Participating in long-term prevention efforts. 

Everyone sees films. Likewise, everyone has a part to play in fighting trafficking. After seeing this film, viewers will be able to go to available resources (mentioned in the film) that give them more facts on human trafficking and materials that teach them how to better cherish victims of human trafficking.  Men viewers will be guided to cherish women and children, especially those closest to them. The project aims to promote massive change within the world, one person at a time.

The Film Team

In Dependence Studios 

With a heart to remain dependent on God, a group of young filmmakers came together seeking to tell stories that powerfully change the culture. The production company began by making one of the first documentaries to massively expose the sex trade of Latin America, entitled "Volviendo: A Journey to the Roots of the Latin Sex Trade". It gained international acclaim by MTV, UNICEF and CBN, and fueled the social anti-trafficking movement in all of Latin America.

In Dependence Studios refuses to move on from the topic of trafficking until there is significant change in society. So the film "She Is Priceless" comes out of their desire to see change in the hearts of the loyal soccer fans in Brazil and around the world.

Where the Money Goes

No contribution is too small. Partner with us today and your donation will contribute to make a life changing film on the subject of human trafficking.

Funds from this campaign will be used for the following to:

Travelling expenses (plane tickets, hotel, food, and transportation in Brazil)
Equipment (Rent of lights, cameras, lenses, etc.)
Pay a fair salary to the cast and crew for their time and talent
Post Production (editing, FX, Voice overs, etc.)


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