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Save trillion for USA in future

Organized by: Sherman Lee

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How are you. We did not know each other but on FaceBook only. Hard to write this kind of letter to asking fundraiser. Almost everyone has recognized who is "Moses". He usually no need to be introduced because Moses is a well-know person in the Bible. My Chinese name is Lee Shih-Ming in Taiwan, is Li Shi Min in China, is a well-know Emperor in Chinese history. More than 1.5 billions folks has recognized who is Emperor Tang TaiZong from world history books. Any pennies to be saved from our defense spending will change our future, including my daughter and every child of the united states of America. Obama Administration has the “Pivot to Asia-Pacific” policy to the military element of the recommended grand strategy calls for significant investment in “Capabilities and capacity specifically to defeat China’s emerging anti-access capabilities and permit successful U.S. power projection even against concerted opposition from Beijing.” The United States has defend its interests in Asia with support from our allies, and should build up the power-political capabilities of its friends and allies on China's periphery. It was and will be a huge spending of our defense budget. We, US Government can save trillions spending from "Rebalancing Power in Asia" in next decades if RED China to be collapsing due to intensified bribery. It is the only principle to overthrow RED Chinese Communist Party by internal turmoil from Chinese folks. In China, civilization ally, has no concept of equal partnership. Under dynasty philosophy, they always are at the center of military power. And everyone else is a supplicant of ruler by Emperor. I struggled for my mystery life since February 22 from one poem was picked out by the most famous temple in Taiwan. My Chinese name, 『李世民』 was picked out by a poem from a very famous temple in Taiwan on February 22, 2015. It's called is 『李世民落海灘 (Lee Shih-ming fell down at beach)』. Buddha believers and the most of Taiwanese folks have recognized this is a poem for Taiwan destiny of year 2016. After that, I spent times to write plans for Taiwan future. All 35 pages of English and Chinese letter as Part-I will be shown at my FaceBook. I was baptized at Brother's home in Houston on December 19, 1997. That night, I went to bed at 23:00 and fell asleep peacefully. At the midnight (24:00 exactly), I was woke up for minutes by a very brighten star in front of my bed. I am smile and joyful to falling sleep again! I thought that was normal situation to every new born Brother/Sister and to receive "Holy Gift" from GOD. I testimony this event for several times at Chinese Churches in Houston and in Springfield. But no one had this special experience as same as mine after I talked with some new baptized Brothers/Sisters. I need your help and church help to pray for me. (1) Am I a person to carry “Special Mission” to give up my American citizenship for ? The deadline for me to run 2016 presidential campaign in Taiwan is June 30, 2015. I have spent ten years to work hard for my citizenship. I live here and feel happiness in past 30 years. But I need to make a decision to give up my citizenship before June 20 if necessary. I love USA. (2) I can win for 2016 Taiwan President easily. Both of my Taiwanese and Chinese are still very excellent on writing and speaking. I can make political speeches wherever I go. I will not get any pay during four years Taiwan Presidency. The church Brothers/Sisters will supply my meals every day in Taiwan. I also plan to stay at sweet home of church Brother/Sister if possible. (3) Am I the "Single Spark" from outside world into RED China? Will it start a prairie fire in China unexpectly? Sooner or later, Chinese Communist Party will collapse by internal turmoil expectantly if I am the “Hope of Chinese” as Taiwan President. In past five years, RED China is "Non-Peaceful Rise” in east sea and south sea. US Government had to spend trillions to maintaining "Pivot to east Asia" and Rebalancing Power in Asia for next decades. The spending of international military strategies of USA will decrease sharply if I am a next Taiwan President, to affect "China's Peaceful Rise” in the near future. The global economy and financial status would boom again prosperously from trillions saving of defense budget. My beliefs still tell me that USA is the Peacekeeper of this planet. (4) Could I ask for “dollars fundraiser”? I hope any dollars via Brother/Sister can be spreading to Nation-wide and/or International-wide if I am the one needs to sacrifice a great deal in Asia for one Nation under God. I believe that I need some bullet-proof clothes to protect myself. I don't want to be murdered same as Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr" in Philippines, in 1983. Money from “dollars fundraiser” is not important for me on weigh, but the supporters from all over the USA are what I need if possible. Thanks your donation to support our future. Brother, Sherman Lee at Nixa on June 3, 2015 I have Chinese version of my Part-I Plan which is how to change and manage New Taiwan. I can email to you if you have time to read them which has more thane 15,000 Chinese words plus 10,000 English words. Mystery of Tang TaiZong as an Elected Emperor of Taiwan in 2016. I am Tang TaiZong, 『李世民』 Lee Shih-ming, an American citizen comes from Taiwan. Don't be astonished of my marvelous story. I was listed as “Lee Shih-ming” in USCIS file. I was also listed as “李世民” in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Government files. I had buried myself in Missouri for 30 years since 1985. The story of my mystery play just is such as the “Chinese Version” Old Testament. Please spend 10 minutes to read over my predicted documents as attached file. My name, 『李世民』 was picked out by a poem from a very famous temple in Taiwan on February 22, 2015, called as 『李世民落海灘 (Lee Shih-ming fell down at beach)』. Buddha believers and the most of Taiwan folks have recognized this is a poem for Taiwan destiny of year 2016. Wu Zetian 『武則天』 was picked out by a poem from one other famous temple in Taiwan on February 20, 2015, called as 『武則天坐天 (Wu Zetian sat on the throne in heaven)』. Buddha believers and the most of folks have recognized 『武則天坐天』 is also a poem for Taiwan destiny of year 2016. My English is so poor that I can not 100% use English to descant my ideals of mind and explain my ambition aspirations. But both of my Taiwanese and Chinese are still very excellent on writing and speaking. I can make political speeches wherever I go. I wrote a letter as my “Part-I” of Presidential Race Declared (predict document) which contains 27 pages, more than 15,000 Chinese words in Taipei on February 22 and 23, 2015. Meanwhile, I am preparing and writing the Reconstruction for Taiwan modernization of future as my “Part-II” Plans. Not only follows the American Loyalty discipline to devote their life for the country, but also obeys the Filial Piety of Chinese traditions to devote personal life for their family. Divine providence supposed to do so! Ever since my childhood, my marvelous appearance has shown for the regal dignity distinctively. Around me, I was surrounded by elegant people, even to have protections by ghosts and to have Blessings from God! My dad was named 『李淵, Lee Yuan』. He gave my name to call as 『李世民, Lee Shih-ming』. I have a son in 1986, my father asked me to name him as 『李治, Li Zhi』, but I refused his suggestion. I named my son as 『Lee, Herman』. Next, I named my first daughter as 『Lee, Dianna』, and my second daughter named as 『Lee, Angela』. Read more from my FaceBook, please. Thanks your time!


Organized by

Sherman Lee

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