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Ways on Preventing Weather Damage to Your Precious Roof

The roof is the most vulnerable part of your home due to its exposure to different weather conditions. This tests your roof’s lifespan as well as its performance to shelter and protect you. There is a need for you to check your roof from time to time to give you peace of mind.

How to Check for Roof Damage

The wind is one of the factors that gives damage to your roof either it produces hail or rain. It is not just a wind that gives damage to your roof but also snow, tornados, storms, fire, rain and the likes. With the occurrence of this conditions, it compromises and weakens your roof.

To check the damages on your roof, you need to perform outside and indoor inspection as well as call a professional’s help for your problems regarding wind roofing damage downriver Michigan.

Ways to Keep your Roof Last Long

Before the weather ruins your roof, you need to act to protect it and to not give you a problem when the moment comes. Getting a professional’s help will really cost you more so if it can be fixed by your own, then do what it takes to save.

There are some ways for you to avoid costly roof repairs and have it last long:

Check for water marks and pour some water above it to point the source of the leak. Repair it to avoid major problems to arise.

Patch up the holes when they are still new and small. It will cost you less for repair materials if it is still small. Make sure the damaged area is free from twigs, leaves and debris before patching it up.

Use a quick drying roof sealants or cements. Use a piece of cloth to press in on the cracks or holes for it not to stick on your hands. The cloth will help as a reinforcement to the patch.

Clean your gutters from leaves that can clogged up. You can install a nylon, stainless or aluminum screen on your gutter to keep the leaves out.

Avoid using asphalt shingles since it is vulnerable on capturing heat which also conducts heat into your home.

Maintain an ideal roof slope about 15 to 30 degrees which is proper for tropical climate. The steeper the slope is also believed to be better on withstanding strong winds and can protect you during typhoons.



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