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CROWDRISE : Jan 10, 2012
Tax ID: 38-3838035
BASED: Chicago, IL, United States



Our Mission

Together, we can heel communities and heal lives!

ShoeHeals provides NEW shoes to those in need as a way to restore their confidence, self-esteem and dignity to empower them to walk forward in life. New shoes are a practical first step to instilling hope in those who find themselves in difficult life situations. By empowering people to put their best foot forward, we heal the human spirit. 

Shoes are the least donated item. And it is because research shows that shoes are one of the key ways that people define, project and present themselves to the world. ShoeHeals provides not just a pair of shoes, but a NEW pair of durable, functional, quality, stylish shoes to show those in need that they matter and can gain the confidence, dignity and hope that leads to a renewed resolve to create a better future for themselves, their families, and ultimately, their community.     

At ShoeHeals, we believe when you restore the essence of what defines a person - dignity, pride, self-esteem, hope - you heal the human spirit. Thus: shoes heal. 

Tax ID: 38-3838035 •

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NEW Shoes Healing the Human Spirit

NEW Shoes Healing the Human …

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17% Raised of $5,000 Goal