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Shooting Touch is an international sport-for-development organization using the power of basketball to educate and empower at risk youth and the communities in which they live. Tax ID 61-1544791


Shooting Touch is a sport-for-development non-profit whose mission is to use the power of basketball to educate and empower young people around the world. Our programs have served over 11,000 youth globally, employing a dual on/off-court curriculum designed to teach youth the fundamentals of the game, while also providing vital health education for an active lifestyle free from disease today, and the skills and trajectory for success in the future. 

Domestically, Shooting Touch has established a year-round presence and program in Boston that provides inner city and suburban youth with opportunities for development, both on and off the court. In the Spring of 2015, Shooting Touch moved beyond its events-based platform and launched G3 Boston: Getting Girls in the Game. G3 has partnered with (3) Boston Charter School to provide over 75 Boston middle school females the opportunity to use basketball as a tool to learn health education, leadership and social development. 

Internationally, The Shooting Touch Basketball Health Corps - based in Rwanda- uses basketball as a mobilizing platform to teach vital health education to Rwandan youth. We take pride in how our program has grown to include five different locations bringing together communities around basketball. Every day the Fellows touch the lives of hundreds of kids in Rwanda. Our Fellows work with other organizations on the ground to ensure that Shooting Touch is maximizing the resources available to the communities we serve. 

Whether our Shooting Touch teams are working in Boston's inner city or the rural highlands of Kayonza, Rwanda, our shared mission is the same - to provide healthier lives for children in need through the sport of basketball.