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Send Shore House Member Representatives to the 17th Clubhouse International Seminar!




Clubhouse International, the accrediting body for all Clubhouses, is holding their bi-annual Clubhouse International Seminar this year in St. Louis, Missouri. These seminars are filled with opportunities for Clubhouse members and staff around the world to learn techniques to create and sustain a strong, effective Clubhouse community.

Shore House promotes a partnership between staff and members. We work together as colleagues in running our program. Members take part in operating all aspects of Shore House and need to be well-versed in the Clubhouse Model. We believe bringing Member Representatives to this conference will be beneficial for our community in multiple ways:
1) Members are expected to learn about Clubhouse "Best Practices," among other things, and disseminate this information to other Shore House members. This will help Member Representatives understand the Clubhouse movement in more depth while giving them the opportunity to put their knowledge to use by teaching their colleagues. This will create a stronger sense of member ownership of Shore House.
2) Member Representatives will experience firsthand the global impact of the Clubhouse movement. They will witness the strength of this campaign outside of their own community while also learning how their own Clubhouse can grow.
3) Members will increase their own social networks by making connections with other Clubhouse members and staff from around the world.

The growth of Shore House is the ultimate goal of attending the 17th Clubhouse International Seminar. Shore House is one of the newest Clubhouses in the world and we would like to expand our program. As the first Clubhouse in New Jersey working towards accreditation by Clubhouse International, we want to ensure our efforts are putting us on the right track to achieve this goal.

We are a "bottom-up" organization with no hierarchy between staff and members, so it is imperative that members are an integral part of the accreditation and growth process; their participation in the Clubhouse International Seminar will ensure this.

Please consider sponsoring a Member Representative to attend the 17th Clubhouse International Seminar. While any monetary contribution is welcome, we offer the following sponsorship levels:
- Surfboard Level - $50
- Jet Ski Level - $100
- Speed Boat Level - $150
- Lifesaver Level - $200

Thank you for your consideration!



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