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Prayers and support for my sister's daughter – Shreya

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Shreya Kasyap


Hi All,

Greeting for the day, Please spend few minutes to read the mail below and help if you can.

My Sister's daughter Shreya Kashyap who is 31/2 year old is suffering from Fanconi's Anemia. This was diagnosed in Nov 2012. The actual problem is her bone marrow is malfunctioning and not generating blood cells. So her blood counts (WBC,RBC, Hemoglobin Platelet, necrophiliacs and others) are very low. Hence she requires blood and platelet transfusions frequently (Platelet transfer around four times a month and blood transfer around twice a month mostly through out her life span). Doctors says its preferable to go for single donor which is very costly. More over since her WBC and necrophiliacs are low she is prone to infections and she is getting fever frequently (around twice or thrice month). Once she gets fever she has to be hospitalized. So each hospitalization is costing more as we are frequently admitting her to the Manipal hospital. But the hospitalization is not for the cure of her problem because there is no definitive cure for the disease except bone marrow transplant which costs approximately between 35 to 50 lakhs. Also the success rate of operation is very low and it is a painful procedure and she is not having sibling (Since its preferable to have bone marrow from sibling). Hence we do not want to go for the bone marrow transplant. But we are getting her admitted frequently for transfusions and fever which is caused because of infections. The corporate insurance which my brother-in-law has is not covered for this disease as it is a genetic disorder and they are informing us that it is excluded from the policy.

For more info -

Status of Baby Date :19-04-2013

Do help 31/2 year baby is suffering with the BMT(Bone Marrow Transplantation) which Costing 35-50 Lakhs in India with 10% chances for survival. same treatment in abroad with 100% chances to survive costing 3-4Crores which cant afford by any indian middle class family. Manipal Hospitals in bangalore giving treatment by changing the blood plates for every 6 days to generate WBC, HBC count, by doing so baby will be active for 5-6 days. monthly 4 times means, it cost approx 70-80K/ month. she should undergo for this treatment until she gets the donor matches for her age.

Parents and friends are supported till now with money and used various sources like insurance, but now the situation become void.Insurance declined for the baby's age medication policy. A normal Indian middle class family how can they adjust? we might spent so much for junk, unless we face the same situation, will really come to know the exact pain.

i have given the details in the post. please do initiate to raise funds for the baby treatment till she get donor. for this type of cases even hospitals also not able to give permanent solutions. weekly baby should motorize and operate by changing blood plates to active for next few days and should go treatment till her last breath. waiting for some donor's to help and understand the baby situation and do support for the monthly expenses. please do contribute and do help to save the life of baby life till we find donor's. god bless you all. please don't ignore.


We are from the middle class and we are finding it very difficult to arrange money for her medical expenses.

My account details. Please call me in case any information is needed.

A/C: 03531610009218
Bank/Branch :HDFC Bank, KALYAN NAGAR, Bangalore
IFSC Code: HDFC0000353
Communicate with the below to contribute/transfer your help.
Sunil Kumar :(+91) 9535160644

Please do let us know your Name, Contact, Phone, Money Transferred. We may not assure will return the money, but only the hope you are giving a baby to live for one more week is enough to call you as a GOD and recall your name till our death. Thanking you from the heart of a mother.

kindly fill the form :
kindly raise this at your office and support the money for the child medical expenses. please check the medical reports. For help for 3 years child surgical operation this month. please do help.



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