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This is special to me because it hits home about 27 years ago I gave birth to a precious little girl I named her Tenesha now at the time I had not a clue nor did my little girl that she and I plus the rest of our family would be in for the rides of our lives because five years after her birth we found out that she had sickle cell not remembering that while I was carrying her I knew that I had the trait but on the day that her dad was to go for the test I found that my grandmother had lost her battle with cancer so as we were leaving for the clinic we got a knock on the door that's when my whole world fell apart so we never found out if my little girl would come into this world with the trait or full blown sickle cell so like I was saying five years later only because I was going to my doctor for my anual check and I had her with me when I went into my doctors office he took one look at her and told me to rush her to the emergency room and so I did he wrote something on a prescription and told me to give it to someone in the E.R. and so I did , but it wasn't until much later that evening that I got a phone call telling me that it was a matter of life and death that I must get her back to the E.R. once we got to the E.R. they admitted her to the ICU she was very affraid she didn't know what was happening to her my family were all there my uncle from Florida my mom my sisters and brother and they had all of these wires on her I was very affraid as well but I knew I had to be strong for her I never left her side after the doctor officially told me that she had the full blown sickle cell disease she would be in and out of the hospital I followed all of the rules which was to give her folic acid and lots of fluids and plenty of water and foods rich in folic acids , iron for her blood she still was in and out of the hospital it seems like clock workevery two months or when the weather changed by the time she turn 14 that October she went in the hospital for a stroke also she went into a coma she came out on Thanksgiving Day it was a miracle an act of God now about 14 years later she had another stroke another act of God bought her out of it , I guess what I am trying to say is that I would like for anyone reading this my charity is about adults and children living with sickle cell and I need your help please donate to this cause .
I Thank You in Advance
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Yolanda is working on selecting a charity so you can support SickleCellAnemia.