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The Sierra Club Foundation

The Sierra Club Foundation
CROWDRISE : May 17, 2010
EIN: 94-6069890
BASED: San Francisco, CA, United States



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A healthy planet begins with a strong foundation. The Sierra Club Foundation works to educate, inspire, and empower humanity to preserve the natural and human environment.

Pause and consider... less than a decade ago, plans to build 150 new coal plants were all but certain. So were plans to move millions of barrels of tar sands oil across the country. There was little hope of curbing CO2 emissions, even in the face of runaway global warming.


Today, coal is declining, the Keystone XL pipeline is stalled, and global CO2 emissions are flat. The promise of a clean, renewable energy future is here.


The Sierra Club Foundation is dramatically increasing its commitment to a clean energy future by doubling down on efforts to move beyond fossil fuels while maintaining our long-standing commitment to protecting wild lands, getting more people from every background outdoors, and working to achieve environmental justice by broadening the reach and diversity of the environmental movement.


Our job, as environmentalists and philanthropists, is to make investments in the future count and on a scale that can help solve a global crisis and usher in a new clean energy paradigm.


Our challenge, over the next few years, will be to ensure that U.S. and global leaders ignore those who say we can't move forward, and instead invest in the technologies and people that can.


This will take unprecedented public will, and people who are willing to build it.



Sierra Club Foundation Boston 2016

Sierra Club Foundation Bosto…

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200% Raised of $25,000 Goal

Support Sierra Club Outdoors

Support Sierra Club Outdoors

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Sierra Club Military Outdoors

Sierra Club Military Outdoors

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