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December 27, 2011

Supporting a theater company is great, but how many times do the artists get the chance to literally BUILD A THEATER!? A dream come true.  See more
Rebecca Harris


"There is a good deal of laughter, along with what used to be called worldly wisdom." 

 -- D. J. R. BRUCKNER  about Maria Irene Fornes'  1999 production of Enter the Night.

Over a decade ago I did Enter the Night  with Signature Theatre.   I had an amazing experience AND I earned my Equity card which changed my life.  Now it is my chance to help Signature take an amazing next step...

Signature Theater is building the largest new theater complex built in NY since Lincoln Center…three theaters designed by Frank Gehry on West 42nd Street…a truly amazing, once-every-few-generations event in the cultural life of this city. 

(Check out the video to the left.)

It’s a project that cost nearly $75 million to build and the last few million still has to be raised before the Opening in late January of 2012.

Those of us who have worked with this great company, the Signature Artists, decided we’re not going to just hold our breath hoping it gets done. We’re not going to just sit around waiting on people to write big checks. We’re going to rally together and try raise a lot of money.

Each of us is going to try to raise $2,000 to help build this new theater.  

I’m pitching in and here’s what I’m asking you for:

I’m asking 20 of my closest friends and family to step up and help me reach the goal.

That’s you. 

Will you donate $100 to support my effort?

That’s all.  You can do it right here.  Easy.  

Consider it your holiday gift to me.  That’s what I want.

There are over 1,200 of us so if we all reach that goal it would be a huge contribution toward making this dream a reality and showing that artists can join together to make magic happen and have an impact on the world above and beyond the stories we weave on the stage.

Thanks SO much.


Why should you feel great about supporting this effort?

Signature Theater is unique for two very important reasons:

It’s the only theater in America that devotes a full season to one playwright each year.  You can go hear a Mozart festival, you can see a Scorcese film series, see retrospectives of Picasso’s work across time, but there was no way to experience the whole landscape of a playwright’s work until Signature.

And Signature is truly ‘theater for everyone’.  As theater ticket prices climb further and further out of reach for most people, statistics clearly show that the audience is less diverse and older every year.  We’re cutting off the next generation of theater goers and reaching fewer people outside the “1 percent”.   Signature’s commitment that every seat for every show will be $25 for the next 10 years, is a bold and inspiring commitment to making the magic of theater affordable to all.


The Team: $15,812 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Jim Houghton

Amount Raised


Fundraiser Title

Edward Norton

Amount Raised



133% Raised of$2,000 Goal

Fundraiser Title

MS Blake

Amount Raised



108% Raised of$2,000 Goal

Fundraiser Title

January LaVoy

Amount Raised



105% Raised of$2,000 Goal

Fundraiser Title

christine Jones

Amount Raised



103% Raised of$2,000 Goal

Fundraiser Title

Loren Toolajian

Amount Raised


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Chris Moses

Amount Raised



53% Raised of$2,000 Goal

Fundraiser Title

Signature Theatre Company

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