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We Help Save Lives!

The Simonton Cancer Center is the oldest integrative cancer treatment program of it's kind.

Founded by raidiation oncologist, O. Carl Simonton, M.D. in 1971, the Simonton Cancer Center has been in continuous operation for over 40 years.

Our renown 'Getting Well Again Program" offers counseling and an intensive educational retreat for participants and their family members. Based in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology ( the interactions between emotional and psychological states and our biology) we teach scientifically proven tools and techniques that can help improve immune function - impacting our health, our treatment plan and our course of disease.

The SImonton Cancer Center also handles crisis calls for patients and families in distress and has designed programs for many universities and hospitals, including Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

SCC created the first training and certification program for health care professionals in mind/body medicine, which it continues to this day.

Vision: SCC envisions a world in which all cancer patients have access to compassionate, personalized care and that the concepts of addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of disease -as well as our physical needs - are taught and implemented in medical schools worldwide.