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Organized by: Julie Maynard

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My friend and neighbor is just like anyone I know. He is friendly, works hard, is a good Father, and down-to-earth guy. His name is Chuck. The picture you see are his three children.

Until this year Chuck was happily married. Chuck and his wife began to have issues which lead to them splitting up. It is no secret that now they will be getting a divorce.

The wife left and took the youngest two with her, as the teenager is not hers. They went to Friend of the Court for custody of both the younger children. Both agreed to split the custody 50/50.

The Mom is now putting Chuck through a lot. Not only is she hurting Chuck, she is hurting all the children. When it is his days to get his kids, she quite frequently ignores him. She has let her Mom take control of her situation, which means Chuck has to file compalints with the courts just to see his children.

To make matters worse she is now trying to sue him, claiming that she cannot become self sufficient because he is a little behind on his mortgage. In the lawsuit she is suiing to have the courts force him to help her become self sufficient. She is also suiing him for the house he lives in after she told him he could have it. Keep in mind she told me she left him becuase she couldn't take it anymore and he could have the house.

This woman has a history of not being able to control her spending habits. Her bank account is always in the negative, before they split up. She also works a part time job and recently turned down a full time position that was offered to her at her place of work (She admitted turning down the position to me). I see her frequently around town at various venues living a life of luxury.

Im not trying to paint her as a bad person because she is not. She is just not very smart. When she left she left Chuck with bills unpaid in her name for utilities. Chuck had to pay these bills to get the utilities turned on in his name. To add to his financial trouble, the courts back charged him for child support and now he owes back pay, and he is starting to be behind on his mortgage.

The wife lives with her parents in a two bedroom house. Yes, there are three adults and two children living in a two bedroom house. Mom also has financial help from the government and her parents.

In the mean time, Chuck works a full time job, pays his bills, and is struggling now. My husband and I help him with his bills as much as we can. We are currently trying to help him catch up so he can refinance his house to an affordable amount.

There are many families out there like this that have one parent using our judicial system to bully the other one. All for what you ask? The mighty dollar is what. It is sad. So please I am asking for your help for this family.

A little about me:

I am a Veteran, brand new mother as of 06/25/2014, a wife, a soldier, a student, and I work in our society. Often I am asked how people can help me or thank me for my service. I am telling you how you can thank me and help me, by helping one family who needs just a small boost in their financial situation.

My fundraiser is important to me because I know that this man's story is one of many that happens all over the United States. Nothing breaks my heart more than fighting for our Country and seeing people take advantage of our freedoms just to hurt another. This mans story happens to mothers as well as fathers. It is time America takes a stand to prevent parent bullying that affects the children.

Thank you so much for your time, effort, and genorosity. Every little bit helps this man get closer to being able to keep his home, for his children, and help feed them and clothe them during their time of need.



Organized by

Julie Maynard

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