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Search to Involve Pilipino Americans

In the true nature of "Kapwa," the indigenous Filipino value that translates to "shared identity," Search to Involve Pilipino Americans believe that the only true way to uplift the community is by empowering every single youth, family and entrepreneur that we serve.


          SIPA is a community-based organization established in 1972 whose mission is to enrich and empower generations of Pilipino Americans and others through health and human services, community economic development and a place where people of all backgrounds can come together to strengthen community.   

What we do?

- Afterschool Enrichment Program

- Youth leadership training

- Arts & Technology education

- In-home and School-based counseling

- Case management

- Food distribution

- Entrepreneurship training

- Small business counseling

- Community-building events

Why do we need your help?

          It takes a village!  It's amazing to see what we are able to provide to the community with scarce resources (limited staffing and lean operations).  Imagine what the community can gain access to if we increase our capacity to do more!  But we can't do it alone.  

Did you know?

-The completion rate for Filipino college students is substantially lower than for other Asians (37% vs 53 %.) 

-Filipino American students in Los Angeles, in particular, report an astonishingly high dropout rate of 46.1 %.. 

-52% of Historic Filipinotown residents did not complete high school, compared to 30% countywide.

-Poverty rate for Historic Filipinotown is more than double that of the County (32% vs. 15.7%) and the median household income is less than 60% of that for the County.

-The neighborhood is home to a large number of immigrants and limited-English speaking residents and has one of the highest rates of household linguistic isolation in the County (39%).


In 2015 alone...

-Over 150 youth ages 5-17 attended our free afterschool enrichment, summer camp, youth leadership and empowerment training, and arts & technology programs;  

- More than 100 families gained access to affordable housing, intensive case management, mental health services, family preservation and parenting support;

- Over 1,000 individuals received health & wellness training, nutrition support through food distribution, and financial literacy education;

- Up to 250 small business owners and budding entrepreneurs were provided with free entrepreneurship training, one-on-one counseling, and ongoing networking opportunities;

- And, thousands more continue to benefit from regular community-building initiatives throughout the County.

          We believe that the growth of the community lies in the gains and successes of each of its members. When we see a young student blossom into a leader among his/her peers, or when an entrepreneur opens a business for the first time, we consider it proof of what we can achieve as a community.  It is possible to reverse the negative statistics, and that’s what fuels us to carry our mission forward every day.  With your help we can continue to transform lives and enrich our communities!

          Please consider giving to SIPA this holiday season, no matter how large or small.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Happy Holidays and Maraming Salamat po!