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Incorporating SIPS: Getting Started

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Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science wrote -

The Brief Version

Donate money, help science, and be entered to win cool prizes! The Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) needs your help to get incorporated as a formal organization. Details below.

Who We Are

The Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) is an organization of individuals striving to improve psychological research practices. More specifically, we’re working towards improving psychological methods and training initiatives, changing the incentive structure to incite better research practices, and empirically testing the current state of the field —all while focusing on inclusivity and diversity to achieve broad changes across all demographics and career stages. (Read the full mission statement here and visit our website here.)

SIPS started as a gathering of passionate individuals interested in improving psychological science. Those individuals met for three days in June 2016 to discuss the state of scientific practices in the field and to create actionable plans for improvement (you can read more about the meeting here). Various breakout teams worked together to formulate a plan of action for a particular project, and begin working through the first steps of this plan (visit the list of ongoing projects here). Since this meeting, the SIPS community actively continued this momentum towards improving psychological science and, in addition to continued work on these various initiatives and projects, has worked with the Center for Open Science to launch a pre-print service for psychology called PsyArXiv.

The success of the initial meeting and continued progress led to the decision to formalize the organization by incorporating. At this early point in the process, SIPS faces a need for funding to go through the steps of incorporating and preparing for the next official meeting, which will be held July 30 - August 1, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA.

About Your Donation

We are asking for donations through CrowdRise, a site designed for non-profits. We selected CrowdRise because of the low fees compared to other fundraising sites and the immediate availability of the donated funds. Using CrowdRise allows us to put a greater portion of your donation to work toward our goals. You may notice that your donations through CrowdRise are being made to the Center for Open Science and not SIPS. This is because SIPS currently is not incorporated and, hence, does not have the ability to directly receive donations. At the moment, donations will be made to SIPS through the Center for Open Science. After SIPS is incorporated, then SIPS will be able to receive additional donations directly. The purpose of this campaign is to raise money for SIPS’s initial costs, and we will be applying for longer term funding in the next year.


What We Need

Fees for Incorporation: The most pressing need for SIPS at this juncture is funding for the incorporation process, which includes fees for legal assistance and various governmental fees. We estimate these fees to total approximately $3600 (U.S. dollars). It is difficult for us to do much else as an organization until we complete this step.

SIPS Web Presence: As a formal organization SIPS needs an official web presence, including a website. The official site will require a web domain, site hosting, webpage design, and other associated fees. The site will include information about SIPS and information/resources for individuals interested in improving psychological science. We estimate the initial fees for starting the website to be $1465, including $465 for web hosting and $1000 for website design.

SIPS 2017 Conference Cost Subsidies & Scholarships: The first SIPS meeting was held in June 2016 in Charlottesville, VA. The meeting was put together on short notice using funds from personal donations. For the 2017 meeting and future meetings, we intend to subsidize the cost of travel and attendance for graduate students and others in need of assistance. 75% of additional funds in this campaign raised beyond the costs listed above will go towards funding scholarships to support the attendance of graduate students, postdocs, and others without conference funding at future SIPS meetings. The remaining 25% of funds beyond legal incorporation and website costs will go towards subsidizing registration costs for all SIPS 2017 attendees. 

The Good Stuff: Prizes!

All named donors of $5 and more are eligible for entry to win the following prizes.

Donate $5-$14: Raffle for 1 of 5 SIPS Logo Stickers

Donate $15-$49: Raffle for 1 of 3 COS T-shirts + SIPS Logo Sticker

Donate $50-$74: Raffle for 1 voucher good for free jumbo margarita at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant (Charlottesville, VA)

Donate $75-$99: Raffle for 1 Signed COS T-Shirt from founder Brian Nosek

Donate $100-$149: Raffle for 1 Photo with Simine and Goat (Must be goat and location of her choosing)

Donate $150-$199: Raffle for lunch for you and a friend with SIPS Executive Committee Member of choice at SIPS 2017 meeting

Donate $200-$499: Intern at COS for a day! Includes all the coconut water you can drink!

Donate $500+: Listed as an Official Sponsor in the next SIPS conference program or on the website and be included in all of the raffles



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