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EVENT DATE: Jul 07, 2013

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Ok, so, most of you know I was in pretty bad shape 3 years ago. And have been working hard on recovering ever since, pushing through pain and setbacks and more pain to get to here; I can ride a bike. And I can ride it pretty far.

Since September, I've been riding with a goal in mind..160k, on July the 7th. Here is the event site if you want to know more:

Like I said, it's crazy.

But it seemed like a good idea at the time. Set a goal. Work towards it. Come out way more well on the other end.

So, I've been strengthening my body. I slogged through the rain all winter, fueling it, hydrating it, and trying to make it into the kind of body that can do something like ride 160k on a hot day, over mountains. This body is a long way from the one that spent 4 months unable to carry itself across my apartment 3 years ago. I still have a fair amount of work to do to prepare but I am getting there and, extra added bonus? My pain has been lowered considerably.

I certainly could not do the event tomorrow. But I will get there. This is my rehab, and I am making it happen.

I need your help, though. I am still on Worksafe benefits, a pretty measly sum, though I am grateful for it. And the event and sundry costs are expensive. I kind of thought cycling was basically free but then I started doing this. Maintaining the bike costs money. I need cash to enter. I need that stupid clothing (no, you actually need it). I need travel money and food money and those funny little gels and bike tubes and tires and all kinds of other stuff. And, for the sake of transparency, I am going to want a beer or two when this is through.

So, I'm asking for help because I REALLY REALLY want to reach this goal, to go to that event and climb those mountains, literal and figurative. I want to ride as far away from that damned broken back as I can.

I know it is just a little bit gross to ask for your money but I need a little bit of it. I hope some of you can pitch in. Maybe you have a dollar or two or twelve that you can spare to see me do this crazy thing.

I'll even put up a picture of me in the outfit, if I must.

Because, seriously, my legs are fucking awesome.

Thanks friends. Even if you just share this, you’ll be helping.





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