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Organized by: David Curtin

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Hi,my name is Dave and 15yrs ago I was shot 4 times in my upper torso one if the bullets grazed my spinal cord, but it was enough to leave me a T- 5 paraplegic for the rest of my life,I was in a coma for 3 weeks with life support keeping me alive doctors told my mom they've done a they could for me and,that the rest was up to me to fight for my life,well being born and raised I the San Fernando Valley, and growing up without a father I guess U can say I grew up faster then most kids at my age,I dropped out in the 7th grade and all to survive and learn how to be a man the best I can, long story short my entire life as been one big mistake after another and I learned at a very young age how to be a surviver ,and to appreciate the simple things in life. I was shot 15yrs ago on Mar.2 2001 and Medicare is supposed to buy U a new chair every 5 yes. But do to all the fraud between Dr.s,and others they have pretty much made it impossible for many peoe not just me to really get that wheelchair that fits to that person life style as well as injury,etc.and for me I get around best in a Rigid Ultra light weight Wheelchair,well Medicare today only looks at what U can use inside your house or apt.and they don't even look at the most important part of ones life in a wheelchair and that is they don't even look at the outside so because of that Medicare wanted to buy me a big heavy tank just like the ones the hospitals have im still pissed off at them who r they tk tell me what is bedt for me and what kind of chair they will buy,for me a wheelchair is a big part of mylufe ,its pretty much attached to my ass whick is now nothing but skin on bone so im at a very high risk for pressure soars ,and when im getting inti my car after transfering in my seat of my car i neef to be able to take my wheels iff the wheelchair ,fold down the back and take my cushion off as well,how could i do that in a hispital wheelchair point blank u just cant !!! Also i drive my car with a cane for the gad and breaks took my drivers test with my cane ,i dont have a hand contr because mt cad with the handcontrol in was stolen aroung 7 yrs ago and hsvnt been able to afford another one,but driving for me is a huge part of my recovery, andit makes me feel as normal as possible when your three quarters of your body is dead wkth no feeling at all,and people in cars arou d me vcant see i. Driving with a cane oe that im in a wheelchair and thats whst i meant when i sah ad normal as i can feel si anyways im in need of a new rigid uktralightweight wheelchair,im still sitting in my origanal wheelchair from 15 yrs ago yesive changedthe wheels but i would really live lufe soooo much more if i had a new up to date ultralughtweight wheelchajr to get myself arku d and enjoy life the best i canwith whatever yrs i got lft to live cause eell foljs i ei be 45 yrs old next month on st.pattys day and u would tji k me bejng iridh ad well that my luck in life woukd be just aluttle better tben the life ive lived,ive never!! win anythi g i mylife or ever had enough money to buy a new causes im here to tell u s.s.i. doesnt payme but under $800 amonth so as im sure u can imagine theres not much of alufe with that kind of moneybut im gratef to have aroof over my head, and pay bills the best i can with what i have,thats all anyone can do in this world full of greed and is all about money well im just adking fir a new wheelchair ,they say u got to play the lottery to win so u guess im out of that one huh lol lolwe people ,freinds and loved ones,and to U people out in the public I could really use your help!!!! On this one I don't ask for anything in life from anyone cause my pride usually gets the best if me but I'm reaching out to U now so just maybe a miracle will happen just this I e time in my life. Please!!!! I know s new chair will possibly take some of the back pain away by way of a new cushion and a up to date wheelchair.that's all I got for now folks I would live to chat with anyone donation or not.GOD BLESS US ALL!!!! Sincerely, David


Organized by

David Curtin

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