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Skin Rehab

Skin Rehab's program helps build self-esteem of women who are recovering from drug/alcohol addiction by providing skin care education and quality products at affordable pricing. Tax ID 46-4898914


Drug and alcohol abuse result in telltale skin irregularities caused by the destruction of tissues and blood vessels, inhibiting the bodies ability to repair itself.

Acne appears, sores take longer to heal, and skin loses its luster and elasticity from severe dehydration.  This leaves the person with a sickly and much older appearance.

Skin Rehab welcomes women who are serious abou their recovery and want to restore their skin health.  We provide group classes with one-on-one consultations after to give a personalized plan to help them get their skin into the best shape possible.  Not all damage can be reversed, but the women have gotten so excited to hear they can ALL make improvements.  We also give each lady a bag with products for their skin type and make it very affordable to get the products again in the future to continue the progress.

We want every woman to restore their confidence and enable them to pursue a healthy and productive life.