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Skin of Steel NFP

To improve patient outcomes by establishing centers of excellence around the nation for melanoma treatment and research. Tax ID 27-2111440


Skin of Steel is a not-for-profit organization that strives to provoke revolutionary change in how people and institutions respond to melanoma. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identify melanoma as the fastest-growing cancer in the world, costing the US $3.5 billion each year in lost productivity.

Since 2010, Skin of Steel has been advocating for the melanoma patient community. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by establishing every region in American as a center for excellence for melanoma treatment and research. This mission evolved directly out of the experience of Susan Steel and many other melanoma patients who must travel far for cutting-edge treatments not available locally, in the hopes of staying one step ahead of this disease. Skin of Steel’s unique position, relative to other melanoma advocacy groups, is our focus on improving patient outcomes in the Midwest. This goal is based on the fact that survivability is directly proportional to proximity of care.

Better choices are really needed around the country to extend current patients’ lives. Those choices require focus on research as well as awareness. We will do this by:


  • Raising the nation's commitment to research through participation in a national Melanoma Tissue Bank
  • Securing top-tier melanoma specialists and research fellows
  • Increasing clinical trial availability and expanding options for treatment sequencing
  • Improving research infrastructure by expediting research approval process and facilitating collaboration between medical research, industry, and government


  • Engaging cities as major stakeholders in its citizenry’s awareness of skin cancer risk reduction, early detection, susceptibility, and top-tier treatment options
  • Supporting patients in their pursuit of the best clinical trials and treatments possible for melanoma

How does America shift so dramatically from offering the status quo to becoming a true leader? The first step is to take action that is unique and vitally necessary. It is imperative that we step up to participate in a national Melanoma Tissue Bank, which provides the most basic of tools—tissue—for fundamental public and private research.

Skin of Steel is an IRS-designated 501(c)3