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Bringing youth into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Over the past 70 years, Youthfront has been committed to the mission of transformational youth ministry. We are confident that for many generations to come, we will continue to engage youth in all we have to offer, hoping they find God through our spiritually formative programs and camp experiences.

Youthfront offers:

Youthfront Camp West: A camp location in Edgerton, KS for pre-adolenscent and middle school kids;

Youthfront LaCygne: A camp location in LaCygne, KS focused on spiritual transformation through quiet contemplation and prayer. LaCygne is for high school and college students as well as family retreat and adult retreat.

Something to Eat: This program is a crisis-response food packaging program that binds together the privileged and the poor. Something to Eat meals are packaged through group packaging events and are shipped throughout the world to help those in crisis. 

Youthfront Missional Journeys: Missional Journeys are about creating redemptive spaces in under-resourced neighborhoods for youth of differing backgrounds to heal their broken relationships and to cooperate with God’s mission in the world.