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Sky Foundation Inc

Sky Foundation Inc
CROWDRISE : Jun 12, 2017
Tax ID: 26-2720583
BASED: Bloomfield Hills, MI, United States


Sky Foundation Inc

Sky Foundation, Inc.

Raising awareness and advancing research for the early detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Sky Foundation began when Founder, Sheila Sky Kasselman was only six months into recovery from the Whipple surgery.  It was suggested by one of her doctors to start up a foundation in order to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer and she wasted no time in doing so.


Pancreatic cancer is a daunting disease with some pretty terrifying statistics. We do not like to focus on the statistics and serverity of this terrible cancer but to bring hope and shed a little light on what the future could hold.  Sky Foundation solely relys on contributions from people like you!


If you are not aware of some possible symptoms of pancreatic cancer we suggest you check out our 2016 Rap video to learn a catchy tune in doing so. Sky Foundation would not be able to donate millions of dollars to research without the YOUR generousity! This foundation has been able to stay afloat with so much support from their Governing & Advisory Boards and their everygrowing fundraising committee. 


To learn more about what we do at Sky Foundation Inc. go to our website! !

Tax ID: 26-2720583 •

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Sky Foundation, Inc.

Sky Foundation, Inc.

Amount Raised:



37% Raised of $10,000 Goal