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CROWDRISE : May 23, 2013
Tax ID: 30-0690238
BASED: New York, NY, United States


Phase 1 Fundraising

The WHY: to create the first public sober high school in New York City. Currently, we are raising money for the ground level of creating this much needed school Every dollar you create will go to help us help save the life of a lost Teen.

There are over 25 successful recovery high schools flourishing throughout the nation...

Yet, New York City - has NONE.

With a recovery-based high school, Teens have a 90% graduate clean and sober rate.

With a regular high school, recovering Teens relapse, often within 30 days.

New York Teens who wish to learn in a sober environment have nowhere to go. 

SLAM's goal is to give New York City's Teens something many of them desperately need right now: a high school that promotes a lifestyle of recovery and success... like the others across the nation that are creating such amazing success with addicted Teens.


Tax ID: 30-0690238 •


SLAM Raises $ for Our Next Goal!

SLAM Raises $ for Our Next G…

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