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The San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden is a nonprofit organization where education through exploration takes place by teaching people of all ages about the natural world and resource conservation. Tax ID 77-0248682


The Botanical Garden was founded in 1989 as a  grassroots effort with support of the community.  We endeavor to be a botanical garden that displays and preserves the diverse plant life of the drought-tolerant, mediterranean climate zones. We emphasize horticulture, education, research, sustainable and fire-safe practices, water conservation, children’s education, health and nutrition, and the arts. Thanks to the support of our volunteers and members, our Garden blooms with inspiring educational opportunities. Our 24 years of growth have transformed this grassroots effort into a community supported treasure.

So plant a seed and watch our garden grow. Donate here or on our website:

Join us today by becoming a member of The San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden: