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Kristin Tombers' Fundraiser:

Small neighborhood needs funds to oppose luxury condos

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Kristin Tombers


Our tiny Southwest Minneapolis neighborhood commercial district (currently zoned C1; where a new building should not exceed 3 stories or 42 feet) needs to retain our attorney while we face another attempt by a developer to impose a 56 foot building. This developer was shot down by a unanimous vote at our city council last year (for their proposal of a 59 foot building), yet is now back, making an end-run around our zoning code. The proposed building is out of character and will give a tiny village-like neighborhood an unwanted, not needed, imposing structure that could be forced in under the guise of 'density'.

The developer already has approval to build a 3-story building with 18 units. Yet the developer is using a 'conditional use permit' (CUP) to attain approval for a 4th story. The proposed 4th story on this building will destroy the very character and scale of the neighborhood that our zoning code is written to protect; only to add 2 more units to an already dense area. This is a well known tactic that developers use to skirt re-zoning (an arduous process) to gain 'their' necessary profit; often at great expense to communities. 

It's classic David and Goliath. The neighborhood residents have spent countless hours to oppose an oversized structure for over two years. Most recently (upon suggestion from many elected City officials), the Neighborhood spent $60,000 on a Small Area Plan to find that all efforts mean nothing; that a self-determined 'Will of the People' is at risk of becoming non-exitstent. 




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