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Solve ME/CFS Initiative 10-$12 Challenge



3% Raised of $120,000 Goal

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The Story

Help us fuel ME/CFS research! Take the 10-$12 challenge!

The Challenge: Recruit 10 friends to donate $12 each

The Goal: $120,000 Raised by May 12, 2015

The Reason: Exciting progress is being made. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is gaining momentum toward our goal of a world free of ME/CFS. We simply must fuel more research and increase our pace toward making ME/CFS understood, diagnosable and treatable.

It is easy and EVERYONE can help! Here’s how your investment can make a difference just $12 at a time:

  • $12 (1 friend donates $12) allows us to process one person’s initial consent paperwork to begin the enrollment process into the SolveCFS BioBank
  • $60 (5 friends donate $12 each) can cover the costs of processing one biological sample into the BioBank, which will ultimately place the most valuable resource in a researchers hand – the patient.
  • $96 (8 friends donate $12 each) is equivalent to processing fees for one registrant into the Biobank, including assigning the important GUID (global unique identifier) that allows us to consolidate information on the sample across a variety of studies.
  • $264 (22 friends donate $12 each) allows us to offer one free online webinar, educating and empowering patients across the US and across the globe with investigator updates and cutting edge research progress.
  • $600 (50 friends donate $12 each) allows us to deliver the free monthly e-newsletter, Research1st for 10 months – bringing important research highlights, federal news updates, disease management information and more right to thousands of patients and loved ones completely free of charge
  • $1,200 (100 friends donate $12 each) is equal to funding one week of research by one of our funded investigators… Research that could lead to biomarker validation, a solid case definition, validating patient-reported outcomes, and unlocking secrets to autoimmunity, viral pathogens, epigenetics, and immune function in ME/CFS