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Be Productive not Reproductive! Tax ID 27-0269094


SNAP 2 IT starts at the root of the problem.  TNR (trap/neuter/release) of community cats, these are the cats you see running around an apartment complex or hanging around a dumpster at a resturant.  They are the forgotten cats.  They are also the mass producers of kittens,  one female can produce 2 litters per year.  Those 2 litters can then produce 2 more and before you know it you have hundreds of unwanted cats roaming.  They are hungry, producing more unwanted babies and suffering.  Colony care givers fight the battle of trying to care for them by placing as many of the kittens as they can, feeding & trying to raise the funds to spay/neuter them.  It is a massive problem and it takes the entire community to help.  So lets be productive not reproductive and help SNAP 2 IT raise awareness and much needed funds to help provide TNR services to colony caregivers.  SNAP 2 IT also helps keep owned pets remaine in the homes and out of animal control, conducts vaccine clinics, takes our animals to visit memory care patients, adoption services of our rescued animals and helps by educating the public by answering questions at our adoption centers every weekend.  We strive to make the world a better place for every animal that our volunteers help.  Every penny, dime, quarter, dollar will help us Prevent Litters and Fix Critters!